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University Professor for 43+ years, University Research and Teaching for 47+ years
Research- >300 publications and presentations on vision, Drosophila, ultraviolet & vitamin A
Student Research - 2008 Chauncey E Finch Award for Excellence in Mentoring from the College of Arts and Sciences >100 students (coauthors or acknowledged)
Research Impact - >1,723 non-self citations
Teaching - 2005 Faculty Excellence award from Student Government Association - 160 semesters (1969-present)(neuroscience, physiology, first and second semester (and one semester) introductory biology, signal, physiology lab, animal behavior, cell biology, behavior genetics, graduate seminar 2003, 1999, & 1997 & 1993, others [see list]),
Evaluation quotes (neuro, physio, physio lab, research, signal, intro, animal behavior, cell biology, behavior genetics, Graduate seminar , Grad Res Colloq)
Teaching Philosophy here

The research links below that are or include memoirs
Research interests (roughly chronological) sample publications and data:
Eye color pigments in Drosophila ("lecture" here)
Genetic dissection of visual receptor function in Drosophila
Phototaxis and ultraviolet (UV) vision in Drosophila
Vitamin A deprivation in Drosophila
Ultraviolet vision and fluorescence in Drosophila
Retinal degeneration, visual pigment measurements and multiple rhodopsins in Drosophila
Ultrastructure of degeneration in mutants and UV & blue light damage,(EM methods)[EM memoirs]
Development of visual synapses in Drosophila
Fluorescence of lipofuscin in human retinal pigment epithelium
Human ultraviolet (UV) visual sensitivity (and a note on UV photography) (my eye memoirs)
Optical calibration
Ultraviolet (UV) visual sensitivity and light damage in goldfish
Photoreceptor maintenance and membrane turnover in Drosophila
Phospholipids and fatty acids in the Drosophila visual system
Retinoids, retinoic acid and opsin gene expression in Drosophila
Retinoids, retinoic acid and expression of a retinoid binding protein in Drosophila
Phospholipase C (PLC), transduction, receptor maintenance and rescue in norpA Drosophila
Vitamin A deprivation and replacement in the vertebrate
Confocal microscopy of multiple Drosophila rhodopsins
Eye of leaf footed bug and cranberry weevil
Stem cell therapy for retinal degeneration in mouse model of Batten disease
2009-2013 (1) GGA knockdown, (2) heat shock, (3) Collaboration "diary"
Looking back and some cool findings

WWW postings for courses:
Postings for 2009 Introduction to Biology (for Doisy College)
issues lecture for 2000 introductory biology with sound recordings
Human Physiology
Mizzou Physiology lab
Postings for Drosophila electroretinogram (ERG) tutorial
Postings for 1999 Graduate Seminar
Postings for Gateway Middle School Genetics Project
Postings for 2002 Signal Transduction course
Postings for 2003 Principles of Biology (second semester introductory) course
Postings for 2018 Neuroscience course
Postings for 2002 Principles of Biology (first semester introductory) course
Graduate Seminar (2003) in Cellular and Molecular Regulation, 1997 & 1993
Physiology lab 2018
2017 Research Colloquium
Seminars I hosted

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