Stark - Behavior Genetics

In the 1970's, twice as a graduate seminar, and twice as a graduate-undergraduate course, I taught Behavior Genetics

Here is the 1979 coverage:

Introduction to issues
Background in genetics
Single genes in animals
Single genes in humans
Chromosomal abnormalities
Selection, quantitative
Genetic defects, the broken code
Variance, correlation
Race, intelligence and education
Genetics: man the creator
Personality, Psychoses

Here are some positive evaluation quotes from 1976

This course content was very advanced and complex

Was available after class and at other times, if necessary, to answer questions, etc.

Excellent: the instructor went to great pains in lectures to make sure he was understood. The educational value of the course was enormous, and it dealt with a lot of vitally important material

I feel I got what I wanted out of the class

Enjoyed all topics of discussion. Definitely informative and helpful in other areas

The material was very interesting and well presented

To real beginners - you make basics clear. At times I marvelled at your insight

The material presented was enlightening

Presentation was good and organized. Your humor was greatly appreciated

The subject mmatter of the course is vitally needed and has tremendous significance

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