Learning Objectives: A student successfully completing this course should have developed:

1) Scholarship and knowledge of biology at a level apporpriate for first semester freshmen in a course targeted for majors in physical therapy, occupational therapy, nutrition and dietetics and athletic training.

2) Intellectual inquiry and communication, especially orienting first semester freshmen to the rigors of learning college level biology and the transition from high school. Through lab exercizses and exams, students apply and express the concepts they acquire.

3) Community building from the standpoint of cooperation with classmates and undergraduate teaching assistants in utilizing current laboratory techniques.

4) Leadership and service, in preparation toward a career in health service, taking advantage of the opportunities of knowledge provided by your professor, the authors of your text, your lab coordinator and your teaching assistants.

5) Spirituality and values, especially through acquiring the biological information necessary to become good citizens and to lead rich and rewarding lives.

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