Topic Human Genetic Diseases, Fall, 1997


Oct 3, Dr. Stark -Retinitis pigmentosa
A research seminar on vitamin A

Oct 10 - Rebecca Davis - Alzheimer's
Shawn Leonard - Prions

Oct 17 - Tony Phillips - Tay Sachs
Rebecca Lemus - Breast Cancer

Nov 7 - Anne Hamilton - Short stature HOX
Chris Fleming - Birth anomalies

Nov 14 - Joe Mayer - Cystic Fibrosis
Dr. Stark - ALS, Parkinson's, MD

Nov 21 - Rose Wang - Basal cell carcinoma
Darren Edgar - Diabetes

Dec 5 - Virginia Assousa - Cardiac disorders
Dr. Stark - A lesson, demo on www

Lectures were videotaped


I really enjoyed this course and feel that I learned a lot

Good topics

Very good course. I am really enjoy taking that course

Cool course. I liked the way Dr. Stark ran seminar. I learned a lot.

I liked your lectures. It gave perspective for the nature of lecture we should give

Fall 1993 Journal Club

I am proud of the timely readings and study questions I handed out
Week 1 - Huntingtons and triplet repeat diseases
Week 2 - Nitric oxide
Week 3 - Horizontal gene transfer
Week 4 - Prions
Week 5 - X inactivation
Week 6 - Segregation Distorter
Week 7 - Molecular genetics of human color vision
Week 8 - Chemotaxis (signal transduction, phosphorylation) in bacteria
Week 9 - Neuroanatomy and genetics of homosexuality
Week 10 - Gene sharing and the vertebrate lens
Week 11 - Sevenlsee (ras) signal transduction pathway

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