I have had the pleasure of knowing Dr. Stark for several years. When I could find no other biology professor's lab to work in, he offered me a position in his. In the years that I worked for him in his lab, he proved to me that he was not only a great professor of biology, but a kind and caring human being as well. In many research labs, students are exploited as mere technicians for test tube cleaning, and are not truly involved in the research experience. However, during the years that I was in Dr. Stark's lab, I was always an active participant in the research. He was not afraid that I, in all my bumbling newbishness, would jeopardize his results or his stocks of flies or his hard work. Instead, he embraced me as a colleague and let me begin working on a research project my first week in the lab. I have never forgotten that spirit of generosity, and I have had the happiness of seeing it time and time again. Over the three years that I've known him, Dr. Stark has shown himself to be an exemplary staff member.

I wanted to thank you for all you have done for me during my years at SLU. You have been an absolutely amazing influence on my life. When I began working in your lab, I was so thankful for your willingness to help me with the research. You never made it hard for me to ask for help even if I would repeatedly ask the same questions. I will always remember how helpful and kind you were. However, I'd really like to thank you for all you did after I worked in your lab. It was nice to know that I could always go to you if I needed a friend. Lunch with you always brightened my day. Your kindness, smiles and laugh were some of my favorite things at SLU.

Thank you for the time, effort & friendship. My time in the Stark lab was the best part of SLU (by far)

I just wanted you to know that I am very, very grateful that you allowed me to work and learn in your lab.As I have encountered other biology majors from SLUand other universities, I have really noticed how unique of an experience I had. Most undergrads do not get (or seek) the opportunity to work in a research lab and I know that my experience in yours will definitely be a distinguishing factor on my resume and/or application to optometry school. I just wish I started working in the lab a year sooner so I could have learned to do more. Again thanks for letting me learn from you and Chris, Nishant, Nisha, and Vito. And, I cannot count the number of times I came across discussions of rhodopsin and Drosophila in various classes. Thank you for being a great teacher and giving someone like me the opportunity to distinguish myself from the sea of biology majors. In the near future I know my experience with you will be a source of confidence when I am sitting across from my interviewer. Thanks for taking me under your wing.