Saint Louis University, 1992-present

Lists as I used for 1973-1992 (below) do not accurately describe my committee work at SLU because (1) My department was so small that I was on very many committees; (2) Some committees never met while others were a ot of work; (3) There were frequent changes in committee assignments; (4) Some committees came into existence briefly, then vanished; and (5) There were substantive increases in work beyoud the traditional academic career of research and teaching.

My committee participation included Graduate Affairs Committee, Several Search Committees, Graduate recruitment brochure, Biology Executive Committee, Computer Committee,Web/marketing committee, Undergraduate affairs committee, Curriculum Committee, Undergraduate Research, Technology, Environmental Safety.

Here are the big items:

There was a substantial load of undergraduate advising for a senior faculty member like myself, and a lot of labor dedicated to graduate student committees.

A huge new effort was diverted to Assessment

Mentoring for about 15 tenure and promotions

Arts and Sciences Day Colloquium

Animal Care Committee (1997-2000)

Pre-Health recommendations committee (2006-2009)

Faculty sponsor for the SLU Cycling Team

University of Missouri, 1979-1992

Division of Biological Sciences Committee Participation:

Awards Committee (1979-1980)
Ph.D. Faculty Committee (1979-1992)
Lefevre Hall darkroom caretaker (1979-1992)
Graduate & Undergraduate Advising (1979-1992)
Divisional Council (departmental steering committee (1980-1982) (Chairman [Fall 1982])
Neurobiologist Search Committee (1982-1983)
Data (5 yr report) Committee (1982)
Graduate Affairs Committee (1983-1984)
Neurobiology and Behavior Search Committee (1985-1986)
Personnel Committee (1987-1988)
Neurobiologists Search Committee (1987-1988)
Graduate students' committees - 10
Seminar Speakers hosted - 15

University Committee Participation:

Neuroscience Minor Committee (1980)
Preparing Neuroscience (Graduate Studies) brochure (1980 & 1982)
Ad Hoc Promotion Committee for Ophthalmology (1980)
Selection Committee for Chancellor's Awards for Outstanding Faculty Research (1980-1982)
Brewer-Rothwell (Gym-Recreation) Committee (1981-1982) (Chair, 1982-1983)
Central Missouri Chapter for Society of Neuroscience
-- Program Chairman (1981-1983)
--Vice President (1982-1983)
--President (1983-1984).
Graduate Faculty Senate (1984)
Graduate Research Council (1986)
Weldon Springs (Grant) Biol. Med. Sci. Rev. Grp. (1987, 1989)

Johns Hopkins University, 1973-1979

Psychology Department Committee Participation

B.A. - M.A. Program
Graduate Recruitment Brochure
Library Acquisitions
Photography- Dark Room and Copy Room
Machine and Electronics Shop Maintenance
Undergraduate Advising
Graduate Bulletin

University Committee Participation:

Premedical Recommendation Committee (PMRC, later called Health Professions RC)
Graduate Board Orals Committees for Ph.D. Candidates.

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