$11,000 NSF Predoctoral Fellowship (stipend and tuition) at University of Wisconsin, 1971-1973.

$35,400 NSF Grant BMS-74-12817. Wavelength Specific Visual Responses in Drosophila. Sept. 1974-Feb 1977.

$60,000 NSF grant BNS-76-11921. Studies of Normal and Anomalous Visual Receptor Function. Sept. 1976 - Feb. 1980.

$189,400 NIH Grant R01-EY-03408 Normal and Anomalous Visual Receptor Function. April 1, 1979-June 30, 1983. (April-August 1979 at Hopkins, (as R01-EY-02487), afterwards at University of Missouri) NIH supplement to R01-EY-03408: Full salary support resulting from Research Career Development Award (RCDA) application, "Ultraviolet Effects and Genetic Studies of Vision," 1-K04-EY-00209-01 (Jan. 1981-Aug. 1982).

$173,037 NSF grant BNS-84-lll03 Excitation and retinal degeneration in Drosophila photoreceptors. Nov. l984- Oct. l988.

$410,579 NIH grant 1RO1 EY07192, Maintenance and function of Drosophila Visual Receptors. August, 1988-July, 1992.

$170,524 NSF grant BNS 8811062, Turnover of Photoreceptor Membrane in Drosophila. August 1988 - January 1992.

$648,324 NIH grant (2 RO1 EY07192-05) "Regulation of structure and renewal of visual receptors" Aug., 1992 - July, 1997