Born, July 6, 1947, in Pittsburgh, PA, U.S. Citizen
Married, August 30, 1969 to Sharon, E-mail-
Two children
--Matthew, born April 1, 1974, E-mail-
--Daniel, born January 13, 1977, E-mail-
Four grandchildren
Photo: Bill & Sharon
Home: 10617 Charlamar Lane, St. Louis, MO 63128-2510, 314/849-1348


Mt. Lebanon High School, graduate Cum Laude, June, 1965.

Columbia College, New York City, B.A. (with honors), June, 1969.
Majors in Biology and Psychology.

University of Wisconsin, Madison, M.A., August 1970. Psychology.

University of Wisconsin, Madison, Ph.D., May, 1973, Psychology.
Major: Physiological Psychology; Minor: Animal Behavior.
Interdisciplinary program with formal courses in Departments of:
Anatomy, Biochemistry, Biology, Computer Sciences,
Entomology, Genetics, Physiological Chemistry, Physiology,
Psychology and Zoology.

Running records:
Running at least one mile every day September 10, 1976 - June 2, 2017
Ranked 9th on the Official U.S.A. Active Running Streak List
9th internationally at the time of retirement, and 6th retired streak at that time
May 2015 news link (video) about running streak (made by Rafer Weigel at FOX-2 news in St. Louis)
Five marathons completed 1974 - 1998 - best time 3:21:16
A least one 14 mile run every calendar month Feb., 1976 - Jan., 1979
At least one 50 mile week every calendar month Sept., 1984 - Aug., 1996
At least 40 miles per week every week (except for 7 weeks) Aug., 1984 - Aug., 1996
Fastest 6 miles - 38:00
Fastest 10 k - 40:07
Fastest mile - 5:27

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