Three semesters, fall 1991 and winter 1991 at University of Missouri – Columbia and Fall 1994 at Saint Louis University.


Syllabus - Biology BA-A305 Cell Structure and Function - Fall, 1994 - Dr. Stark


DATE             TOPIC                                       Alberts et al. 3rd ed. ASSIGNMENT


M Aug  29       Water in biological systems - Figs. 1-1, 1-2, 1-9, 2-19, 2-23, 2-35, 3-62, 14-42,

W          31       14-51, 14-52, 14-58, 14-59, 14-61, Table 2-1, pp. 29 (bottom right), 48-49, 92-93

F Sep    2         Microscopy                                pp. 139-156

M          5         LABOR DAY HOLIDAY       

W          7         Autoradiography, antibodies      pp. 178-180, 186-189

F           9         Subcellular structure                   pp. 17-26

M          12       Membranes -                              pp. 45-46, 50 (bottom right), 54-55, 476-491, 592-594, Figs. 15-29, 15-30

W          14       Cell chemical techniques            pp. 162-174

F           16       Central Dogma                           pp. 3-11, 46-47 & 60, 98-106

                                                                           review pp. 41-47, 50-53

M          19       The genetic code                         pp. 58-59, 98-111, 228-237, inside front cover

W          21       Gene expression                         pp. 34-35, 223-228, 365-370, 417-426

F           23       Beyond genes - splicing             pp.371-378, 454-458

M          26       Cell protein synthesis                 pp. 56-57, 73-74, 237-242, 550-554, 577-581

W         28       EXAM I

F           30       Posttranslational modifications   pp. 86, 589-592, 604-610

M Oct   3         A tale of two proteins - globin:  Figs. 3-11, 6-32, 7-4, 8-51, 8-57, 8-75, 8-76 and pp. 429-430, 436-437; and rhodopsin: pp. 37 (bottom right), 495-496, 587-588, 735-735, 753-754, Figs. 22-6, 22-7, 22-8

W          5         Molecular evolution                   pp. 14-15, 35&38, 122-123, 385-395

F           7         Viruses and transposons            pp. 273-287, (again)-392-395

M          10       Recombinant DNA technology  pp. 291-300

W          12       Hybridization, blotting, cloning  pp.300-318

F           14       Genetic engineering                    pp. 319-331

M          17       Protein structure and function    pp. 89-98, 111-135

W          19       Protein routing - pp. 556-558&560, 582-589, 599-604, 610-614, 618-624

F           21       Gene regulation                          pp. 401-417

M          24       FALL BREAK

W          26       Types of cells                             pp. 12-14, 15-17, 26-31, 34, 36-37

F           28       Cell nucleus                                pp. 335-365, 433-435, 446-447

M          31       EXAM II                                 

W Nov  2         DNA replication & cell division pp. 252-262, 862-870, 911-914, 916-922

F           4         Cytoskeleton                              pp. 787-847

M          Nov 7 Gamete formation, some            20, pp. 1119-1130

                        aspects of developmentChapter

W          9         Metabolism                                pp. 60-63, 74-87, Chap. 14

F           11       "                                                 "

M          14       "                                                 "

W          16       Blood cells                                 pp. 1161-1175

F           18       Immunology                               selections from Chapter 23

M          21       Ions and bioelectric potentials    pp. 181-184, Chapter 11

W          23       THANKSGIVING HOLIDAY                                                                                

F           25       THANKSGIVING HOLIDAY                                                                                

M          28       Synaptic exocytosis, junctions   pp. 626-633, 642-645, 648-663

W          30       Signal transduction                     Chap. 15

F Dec    2         "                                                 ", 1142-1146

M          5         Motility                                      pp. 857-848, 1175-1179

W          7         Extracellular material                  pp. 502-504, 972-984

F           9         EXAM III


Wednesday Dec. 14 Noon - 1:50 PM FINAL EXAM


Here are some student comments from all three semesters I taught the course:


He made some things very interesting


Dr. Stark was very interested in the class, that we were learning


The research from Dr. Stark that was brought into the course - I feel that professors should discuss more of their own research in lecture classes


He seemed to know the material very well and seemed very interested in what he taught


Dr Stark always seemed very excited about teaching and getting his knowledge across to the students unlike other teachers that don't seem to care about the student's learning


Professor Stark had enthusiasm for the subject material


The teacher used overhead and board very effectively. The system of taking tests was very fair. The discussion of physiological procedures and integration of disorders is very interesting and thorough


Exams were hard but made me really know the material


It is good background for further studies, especially for pre-professional students


The overall learning experience


The topics were well suited for a cell bio class


The use of the book in lecture overheads was very useful. It helped clear up a lot of the more difficult topics of the course.


Overall I learned a great deal and unlike other courses, I hope that the manner in which the course was taught will help me to remember the things I learned. I'm not a Biology major but this course was very interesting and stimulating and this was because it was taught very well.


Dr. Stark was very enthusiastic about his work and teaching this course. Grading system was fair.


He definitely knew the subject material and was willing to share his research with us


Many topics were interesting and very useful


The tests were fairly straightforward and covered appropriate subject material


Dr. Stark is very knowledgeable and I can tell he is very interested in what he does. It is a great deal to drop a test - why doesn't he recommend this to other Biology professors?


Cross references were helpful and a knowledgeable professor


Good use of transparencies. Always did best to help us visualize the concept he was teaching. I enjoyed his research, i.e. transparencies and slides. His lectures were organized


The teacher involved his research which I found interesting.


The material in this course is, to me, very exciting. The topics covered are what I want to ultimately get into. Dr. Stark gives a really good lecture.


The teachers knowledge of the book seemed well versed. The availability of old tests was useful


The teacher's ability to communicate his knowledge of the material


Up to date material relating to subject


Very knowledgeable, Good sense of Humor, Dropping of lowest score helped immensely


Lecture overview at beginning of class


I liked the way the professor found illustrations, figures to clarify his points. The visual aids made his lectures clearer. Everything was fine. You can tell the professor was enthusiastic.


I appreciated the casual inclusion of some elementary concepts preceding the more detailed info.


The content covered was extensive but at the same time interesting and useful.


The organization of the material


I liked Dr. Stark as a teacher, but better as a person. He was someone who was humerus, to watch and listen to. My reasons for coming to class were mostly to get the material, but also to see Doc Stark preaching his cell bio. Doc Stark is A OK.


I liked how he would always review a topic before going on to explain a new one.


His willingness to go over stuff more than once, i.e. he repeated relevant stuff several times.


Dr. Stark's enthusiasm always made attending lecture a pleasureable experience.


The book is very good. It was nice to be referred to figures in the book. Dr. Stark appears to be very interested in his work and knowledgeable


The diversity of material was fun. I didn't like all areas, but enjoyed the lectures on blood, muscles and hormones


material on current trends in molecular biology was both useful and interesting


It definitely applies to any person who would want to work in a lab.


Overheads and references to book were good - dropping one test was


Application of techniques helped to understand them better.


The material was interesting and it kept my attention.


The keys distributed after the test were helpful. Very willing to answer questions


Dr. Stark did seem to want us to enjoy the class and tried to be helpful.


relevance to other bio classes.


Explanations were clear yet exhaustive.


interesting sense of humor


tests are graded very fairly and were very representative of the material.


I feel that there was a lot of very useful material to be learned in the course.


a lot of relevant material to my major


Prof. Stark is an extremely fair grader.


I liked seeing examples from your own research.


the book, Dr. Stark's enthusiasm, keys to tests, dropping one test


I thought the topics that you covered were for the most part the things we need to know later.


You highlighted many current problems facing the scientific community that are potentially dealt with using cell biology. This made the material interesting.


I enjoyed the examples and the sections on cellular techniques.


The teacher had a genuine interest in the course and the students. Book is long but very informative. Learned a lot of stuff that pertained to the real world.


The relation of the lectures to textbook material helped extremely with learning the material.


I liked starting from the very beginning of life on earth with evolution of first cell, formation of modern atmosphere, etc.


I was worried about the first test but I found that the tests were fair and only contained questions to concepts discussed in class


I thought that Dr. Stark's use of the text book and the figures present helped me a lot. He made it easier to understand by his use of the figures in the book and by telling us where they were found. He jumped around in the book a lot which I found a little hard to follow at first, but I got used to it.


The way the course was taught was new to me. It took time adjusting to the overhead's use in lecture. However, I found that this helped me considerably for the tests.


Instructor went out of his way to make points easy to understand.


Ignore those who knock this class structure. I found your use of overheads a great aid to the retention of required knowledge.


The class was very informative and the way the material was presented was good.


A challenging course with interesting material.


Dr. Stark, I once again enjoyed your class. You spoke in a language we could all easily understand and made the info in the textbook easier to read. I hope I will get a chance to take one of your courses again before I graduate. Take care.


Occasionally very informative and interesting and did make copy of notes and overhead projections readily available in Library.


I found the use of visual aids very useful. Dr. Stark is very knowledgable about this topic obviously. Overall, he's a pretty good professor.


Dr. Stark's procedure through the course made more sense than the text. Would it be possible to investigate other textbooks?


I've had Dr. Stark before for Bio, and I like him and his sometimes wierd sense of humor and monotone lectures, but the important point is he knows his material, and even though his delivery is strange, his tests are fair (easy) and his style is unique.


Both lecture and lab were not nearly as difficult as their reputation led me to expect.


Liked having the figure number and page number.


It was very helpful in providing lecture notes on reserve.


That was a very interesting class. I wish I could all I learned on the tests but it is just a matter of luck. I learned a lot.


It was a well organized course which was highlighted extremely well by the lab. I was impressed by how much the two coincided and complimented one another.


Dr. Stark was a great teacher.


Groovy sounds before class.


As usual, the musical selections were enjoyable. Thanks for the course. It was enjoyable and informative.imented one another.


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