BL A-582 Graduate Seminar / CMR (Cell and Molecular regulation
Dr. Stark
Fall 1999 topic: Retinal development
Class meetings: Board room, Macelwane Hall, Friday 1-3

Aug. 27, Introduction to library techniques
Introductory lecture, Dr. Stark
Sept. 3, Introductory lecture, Dr. Stark
Sept. 10, Research seminar, Dr. Stark
Topics are covered on my home page and include:
Retinoid deprivation and replacement in Drosophila
Retinoid control of rhodopsin in Drosophila
Retinoid control of a retinoid binding protein in Drosophila
Retinoid deprivation and replacement in rats and mice
Sept. 17, No class because of Midwest Drosophila conference
Sept. 24, Lecture, Dr. Stark
Topics were covered in my signal transduction course and include:
Hedgehog and notch
Growth factors

Tentative schedule of student presentations:

Oct. 1, Jon Wagnon, Synaptic development in the retina

Oct. 1, Steven Thai, holoprosencephaly - like Li et al. (1997 PubMed) paper

Oct. 8, No class because of Neurobiology of Drosophila conference

Oct. 15, Maureen Downs, Regulation of color vision genes - Covered Wang et al. (1999 PubMed) paper - full text PNAS on line

Note this is the day that Dr. Chen will give a departmental seminar relevant to the grad seminar topic

Oct. 22, Carlos Clavel, apoptosis in the Drosophila eye, as typified by the White et al. (1996 PubMed) study

Oct. 29, Doug Perry, Progression of the morphogenetic furrow in the Drosophila eye imaginal disk. References: Reifegerste and Moses (1999 PubMed); Dominguez et al. (1998 PubMed); and Wolff and Ready (1991 Pub Med)

Oct. 29, Tony Homan, Autosomal dominant rod-cone degenerations

Nov. 5, Eric Godsy, apoptosis in retinitis pigmentosa, including Wong (1994 PubMed), Portera-Cailliau et al. (1994 PubMed), Reme et al. (1998 PubMed) and Papermaster et al. (1995 PubMed)

Nov. 5, Xiaoyan Cui, Involvement of Notch in Drosophila eye development, includes references by Artavanis-Tsakonas et al. (1995 PubMed), Ligoxygakis et al. (1998 PubMed) (Development on line), Fortini et al. (1993 PubMed), Greenwald and Rubin (1992 PubMed), Dominguez and Celis (1998 PubMed).

Nov. 12, Beth Burgwyn, CHX including references: Beckley-Adams, T., et al. (1997 PubMed), Burmeister, M. et al. (1996 PubMed), Forrester, W.C., et al., (1998 PubMed), Hawkins, N.C., and McGhee, J.D. (1990 PubMed), Levine, E.M., et al., (1997 PubMed), and Svendsen, P.C. and McGhee J.D. (1995 PubMed) (Development on line).

Nov. 12, Joe Mayer, Ultraviolet sensitivity in fish, including Robinson et al. (1995 PubMed) and the Erratum for that (Schmitt et al, 1999 PubMed) also Chen and Stark (1994 PubMed) [see site]

Nov. 19, Joseph Hof, Axonal connection and the disconnected mutant in Drosophila, concentrating on Lee et al. (1991 PubMed), Heilig et al. (1991 PubMed), and Kunes et al. (1993 PubMed)

Nov. 26, No class because of Thanksgiving

Dec. 3, Jason Low, CRX as a Photoreceptor Transactivator and Clinical Phenotypes Resulting from Homeodomain
Mutagenesis, including Chen et al. (1997 PubMed), Swain et al. (1997 PubMed), Sohocki et al. (1998 PubMed), Freund et al (1997 PubMed) and Furukawa et al. (1997 PubMed)

Dec. 3, Debra Berberich, Angiogenesis, diabetes and growth factors including the following references: Miller; 1997 PubMed; Ferrara; 1999 PubMed; Roush; 27, 1998 PubMed; Beck and D'Amore;1997 PubMed; Neufeld, et al., 1999 PubMed; FASEB Journal OnLine; Battegay; 1995 PubMed; Frank; 1996 PubMed; Bonn; 1996 PubMed; and Cursiefen and Schonherr; 1997 PubMed.

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