BL A260 Human Physiology, Prof. Stark
Fall 2004 Assessment

The form students filled out is in plain text, while responses and my comments (added later) are in italics

What is assessment? There has been and there is still considerable debate. "Student outcomes assessment" was an expression implying that whether students learned the material or attained the objectives was determined. In the Biology Department, in December 2002, "course assessment" was instituted, and faculty were directed to report how the information collected would be used to change or improve the course. This Fall (2004), the new A & S Dean, J. Michael Sproule, endorsed and further refined this latter model by suggesting that the only information that should be collected would be targeted to determining course changes. This questionaire is definitely not a teacher evaluation (you will get that later).

Here are the stated objectives of the course:

BL A260 Human Physiology was created in 2004 by chairs of Biology and Biomedical Engineering (BME). It is the third and final biology requirement (after Principles of Biology I & II [BL A 104 & 106]) for BME students. BME majors successfully completing Human Physiology will know systems physiology (homeostasis, circulation, respiration, digestion, nervous system, etc.) comprehensively at a level that does not have those prerequisites (biological chemistry and cell biology) needed for biology students.

"The course fulfilled these objectives."
Circle one-
1. strongly agree 7 2. agree 10 3. disagree 1 4. strongly disagree

If not, why not?

Summary of concepts:
Some subjects (respiration was the example) should be covered more.
"The lecture was excellent..." complaint about "random facts" in tests but ""I figured out how to study"
Too much pharmacology

"These objectives were reasonable."

Circle one-
1. strongly agree 10 2. agree 8 3. disagree 4. strongly disagree

If not, why not?

There were no comments

The objectives have been posted since 7/19/04. Did you ever look at them?

Circle one-
1. yes 14 2. no 4 3. can't remember

Assume for the sake of answering the following question that the requirements of BME students to take BL A104 and BL A106 is not negotiable; Further assume that the requirement to take 3 semesters of Biology is not negotiable. "This Human Physiology course a good idea for your third semester requirement?"

Circle one-
1. strongly agree 8 2. agree 10 3. disagree 4. strongly disagree

If not, why not?

Only 2 students commented and both wanted anatomy and physiology

"The selection of topics for emphasis were reasonable."

Circle one-
1. strongly agree 7 2. agree 9 3. disagree 1 4. strongly disagree

If not, why not?

one comment from "disagree:" "too many systems on each exam"

"The level of the textbook was appropriate."

Circle one-
1. strongly agree 7 2. agree 9 3. disagree 1 4. strongly disagree
one replied "not applicable"

If not, why not?

"didn't read"
"really expensive"
"didn't need"...everything could be learned through notes and art notebook
lecture and text should be more "parallel"

"The level of the lecture coverage was appropriate."

Circle one-
1. strongly agree 4 2. agree 12 3. disagree 2 4. strongly disagree

If not, why not?

Several objections to physics and chemistry
Two thought too "in-depth" or "involved" examples given: hormones and proteins
One said "confusing at times" because more anatomy background was needed
"Sometimes stories seemed unrelated but did liven class a little"

"Having outlines on the web was useful."

Circle one-
1. strongly agree 15 2. agree 3 3. disagree 4. strongly disagree

If not, why not?

"wish they were more organized format (bold words, headings, etc)"
"sometimes the online lectures didn't include enough information"

As indicated above, biology faculty are asked to suggest how the course should be improved on the basis of the assessment administered, so I ask you to tell me what you would think would improve this course.

Are there any topics you would like to be added to the syllabus in future years?

"I think we adequately covered enough information"
"one of the best aspects of this course is that he covered just about every system of the human body, not all physiology courses do this."
engineers would find bone and attachment useful
one comment, more nervous system, another CNS should be earlier
one said (s)he has not had enough BME yet to know what biology would be useful
"...devices made by BMEs...ex: knee replacement and how the body reacts to it"
"I found the clinical discussions to be very interesting and helpful, maybe elaborate more on that aspect"
A person who had biology's cell and biochem thinks BME students need more molecular

Are there any topics you think should be reduced or eliminated?

"No, all topics, I felt, were given adequate importance and enjoyed. In fact, I could claim, with the slightest bit of doubt, that this course has received my interest and engrossed. All topics were appropriate and I enjoyed it."
less physics and chemistry
more nervous system
less circulation
"The comparisons to circuitry in the first few lectures was confusing"
"I thought the subject matter was appropriate but feel maybe a more general understanding as opposed to random details would be beneficial. Overall I enjoyed the class"
"no. The course focussed on disorders and problems that occur, which is exactly what BME students wil be focussing on later."
less on senses and more on circulation

Utilizing the assessment for course improvements for next year:

(1) Overall the course is on the right track

(2) Now that I have created the web site, it should be easy to improve format

(3) Now that I have taught this course the first time, I should be able to add some of the topics requested, more anatomy, bone, cancer

(4) Although BME and Biology chairs envisioned a harder science coverage than Dr. Patton's nurses anatomy and physiology, college sophomores may not be ready for this and physics and math should be toned down

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