BL A347 General Physiology Laboratory, Prof. Stark
Fall, 2006 Assessment

Note, the form the students were handed is in plain type. Responses and comments added for analysis and interpretation are in italics. All 10 students responded

This is the course assessment, not the teacher (or the TA) evaluation. Please put your replies in the appropriate places. This is anonymous.

Here are the stated objectives of the course:

Students completing this laboratory will have their learning experience for Human Cellular Physiology (BIOL 454, the pre- or co requisite) supplemented, reinforced and extended. Students will gain experience in computer-based interactive physiology programs and inquiry-based learning. They will acquire and analyze data on neuromuscular, cardiac, respiratory and excretory systems. Skills such as calculations with spread sheets, preparation of scientific reports, and image analysis of physiological data will be emphasized.

"The course fulfilled these objectives."
1. strongly agree 2. agree 3. disagree 4. strongly disagree



Many of the things we learned in class had little to do with what was learned & emphasized in the lecture class

"These objectives were reasonable."
1. strongly agree 2. agree 3. disagree 4. strongly disagree


Last three semesters, students largely approved of the selection of labs (such as muscle, kidney, etc.)
"This selection of labs provides a foundation relevant to physiology and to the objectives of this course."
1. strongly agree 2. agree 3. disagree 4. strongly disagree


Last three semesters, students largely approved of Interactive Physiology. Last year's were retained and one more was added. A few years ago, they were taken out of class and made into homework. Also correlated study guides were put on the web.
"In the context of meeting the objectives, the interactive physiology exercises were useful, and the number of interactive physiology exercises was appropriate."
1. strongly agree 2. agree 3. disagree 4. strongly disagree



Often I was unprepared for the material in the "quizzes" on interactive physiology, and the extra studying and looking it up wasn't helpful to the course

Reading the book proved to be a more effective exercize than interactive physiology.

At the beginning of the semester I went through the interactive physio programs but very little of the info from this was used in tests & labs. Going over info on the Starklab website was much more useful.

Lectures by TAs and professor were added last year. Based on the assessment, the professor gave all the lectures this year (except for animal welfare and crayfish)."
"Lectures helped, especially in supplementing Human cellular physiology."
1. strongly agree 2. agree 3. disagree 4. strongly disagree



Lectures were scattered & important topics were not emphasized. Going into tests and quizzes I had no idea what might be asked & had to spend several hours memorizing information just to take a 10 pt quiz.

However I did not take the lecture portion so I cannot answer that portion of the question.
[comment by Stark- apparently this student did not understand that the lectures addressed in the question were the ones given in lab]

"Overall, in the context of meeting the learning objectives, the basis of grading (tests, lab reports, worksheets, quizzes) was acceptable."
1. strongly agree 2. agree 3. disagree 4. strongly disagree



Sometimes the quizzes ignored the larger concepts and bigger picture to instead focus on details and terminology.

New equipment (iWorx)was available this year.
"This new equipment was appreciated."
1. strongly agree 2. agree 3. disagree 4. strongly disagree



Instructions were confusing and good results were not easily obtained.

I wasn't a big fan of the iWorx program. It took too much time to figure out how to use & the experiments were mostly pointless & very repetitive.


About how many hours per week do you spend (outside class) on studying for and doing home work for this class?


What changes would you propose for next year?

None, I really enjoyed the class and how it was set up

Putting powerpoints on line (cult of the powerpoint!)
Less labscribe stuff

Multiple choice quizzes, less iWorx

-More varied quiz questions (ie some multiple choice and true/false)
-The lab that we measured blood glucose in mice, more instruction as to where to inject mice prior to lab would have been helpful. We sort of just aimed for the abdominal cavity & probably damaged a few vital organs in the process
-Overall an excellent experience, thank you.

Pace lab with class instead of being ahead (students will understand labs better)

I would include having more labs such as the crayfish/mouse labs involving other animals to get more hands on experience.

Professors are constantly revising and improving courses, and most of this effort is irrespective of student feedback.. Where "assessment," in this present interpretation. fits in is that it allows us to also consider student feedback.

Plan for next year
(1) Compared with previous years, criticisms and suggestions for improvements were minor.
(2) All of this information will be taken under consideration, but only after consultation with the lab coordinator and next year's TA(s)
(3) The vertebrate animal use protocol will need to be renewed this year, a major undertaking, and, if it is approved, this lab will be maintained.
(4) If possible, an additional lab with animals will be incorporated.
(5) The least favorable ratings related to Interactive Physiology and iWorx. These need to be kept, in my opinion, so I will try to make them more palatable.

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