BIOL 3470 General Physiology Laboratory, Prof. Stark
Spring, 2017 Assessment Report

Form in regular font, Stusent replies, information and future plans in italics

My interpretation of the history of assessment

"Assessment" in Missouri spread after the mid 1980's "Value Added" program of Northeast Missouri State. It was originally intended "to reliably evaluate the quality of educational training." In April, 1998, SLU's Biology Department adopted a policy of having graduating majors take the Graduate Record Exam, interpreting "assessment" as "program assessment." On September 21, 2000, "each faculty member" was charged to "develop an outcome assessment tool." At this time, the interpretation was one of "student outcomes assessment." In December 2002, "course assessment" replaced "student outcomes assessment;" faculty were directed to collect information used to change or improve the course in keeping with SLU's policy ("Assessment results are utilized to improve courses and curriculum"). There is a link to the assessment reports I have prepared since assessment was mandated at SLU:

Here are the objectives of the course:

Students completing this laboratory will have their learning experience for Human Cellular Physiology, Human Physiology, or Exercise Physiology supplemented, reinforced and extended. Students will acquire and analyze data on neuromuscular, sensory, cardiac, endocrine, respiratory and excretory systems. Skills such as critical thinking, data analysis, library searches, and preparation of scientific reports will be emphasized. Specialized physiology hardware and software will stimulate students in their appreciation of changing technology. A substantial lecture component of this laboratory course will dovetail the interface between learning from lecture (and web resources) vs. hands-on components of learning.

"The course fulfilled these objectives and these objectives were reasonable."

1. strongly agree 2. agree 3. disagree 4. strongly disagree

Average = 1.07


I believe the course perfectly completed the objective and that the objectives of the class were excellent goals to strive toward.

I took human cellular physiology last semester, and this lab helped to apply what I learned from that class. I also learned how to analyze data from labs and was able to write a lab report showing this analysis.

This course does a good job including information from many different topics and courses. It involves skills that students will need in the future, such as independent thinking along with team work. It is a very hands on course which is a great way to learn.

The course was very interesting and I enjoyed working on the labs. The workload was very manageable and clear guidelines were given.

All of the labs were interesting and easy to follow. The results were not difficult to interpret.

Course objectives were easy to understand and expectations were very clear.

I learned a lot in physiology coinciding with my other studies

The topics covered in the labs reinforced the information learned in Human Cellular Physiology, and it was nice to be able to observe changes to the various systems.

"The lab "notebook," with step by step instructions and clearly spelled out exercises and data collection, allowed students to work well, independently and in their lab groups."

1. strongly agree 2. agree 3. disagree 4. strongly disagree

Average = 1.27


The notebook kept the lab focused and allowed the group to work cohesively toward the completion of the lab each week.

The labs were very detailed and clear, making it easy to look over before class and follow during the lab.

The lab guides were clear and thorough. They helped to go through the labs smoothly and the explanations were helpful.

The directions of the lab were very clearly stated in the labs.

The handouts were laid out in a helpful format to allow for keeping labs organized

The lab notebooks were thorough

The lab software was sometimes a bit tricky but the issues were always resolved really easily by either one of the TAs or Dr. Stark.

Website is a little hard to navigate, but this is because there is so much information. This actually turns out to be a plus because students have multiple ways to find one answer and learn more in depth about topics covered in class.

The iWorx system was hard to navigate at times but assistance from instructors helped to correct these issues.

Some parts of the lab handouts were confusing and made it hard to complete certain sections without clarification from lab TAs.

For the most part, I found the instructions for the lab notebook assignments to be extremely straightforward. I felt a little lost when doing the sheep brain dissection, however

Sometimes the lab instructions were wordy and confusing, and it was easier to follow the TA instructions before the lab.

For the most part the instructions were helpful, but at times the wording was confusing or did not match what we we asked to do in lab.

"A unified web site, with postings of exercises, outlines, exam questions from previous years, data, PowerPoints, and PodCasts helped to ensure that each laboratory and your learning experience went smoothly."

1. strongly agree 2. agree 3. disagree 4. strongly disagree

Average = 1.27


It was great to have the different resources available in one site online. It made studying for the exam and labs helpful by being easily accessible.

The website was extremely straightforward and helpful. Barring the rare incorrect link, it was essential in creating a stress-free week to week lab experience.

The website was awesome. I ended up printing all of the lab handouts at the beginning of the year and I never had to worry about printing last second.

The website is relatively organized and it is easy to find old questions, handouts, and lecture materials. It was very nice to have the old exam questions so easily accessible.

I enjoyed having all the necessary documents in one place that was easily accessible.

The website was well put together and very easy to navigate.

This website was very well organized and was of huge assistance throughout the semester.

There was the one time the Crayfish lab wasn't posted (only the presentation) but everything else was fine.

A little more organization would be helpful

It took me a couple weeks to get used to the website, but once I figured out how to navigate it I had an easy time accessing everything.

At the beginning of the year I was having trouble accessing the website because the link always directed me to the 2016 page, instead of the 2017 lab page. I accidentally used data from the 2016 lab for one of my lab reports, which was frustrating because I only noticed it last minute. Aside from this, I thought the website was well organized and extremely helpful

The website was hard to navigate at first, but once I got the hang of it, it was easy to use.

I would prefer for the Podcasts to be recorded as Tegrity's, because Tegrity allows the powerpoint to be on the screen at the same time as the lecture, so it is easier to follow than trying to figure out which slide is being referenced during the podcast.

"This selection of labs provides a foundation relevant to systems physiology and to the objectives of this course."

1. strongly agree 2. agree 3. disagree 4. strongly disagree

Average = 1.18


I enjoyed the labs as they helped to reinforce what I learned during last semester in human cell physiology as well as during the lectures in lab this semester.

I liked the variety of the labs each week!

The lab actually went really well with the foundation provided by exercise physiology over the semester, so it covered a good basis of material.

The labs really covered most topics of physiology.

The labs were well organized and very interesting. Perhaps in the future their could be a lab testing fatigue in skeletal muscle

The labs covered a variety of various systems and also showed how changes in one can affect another system

The labs were very active and it was interesting experimenting on each other.

The labs were fun, but I learned a lot while doing them

Each lab taught so much interesting and relevant material and honestly I looked forward to every single one of them. The only suggestion I have is that some things such as heart rate and blood pressure were often the focal point of physiological responses in many of the labs.

Strongly agree

I wish we could do more on the brain, but I understand that's harder to do at this level.

"Topical mini-lectures delivered by your professor were helpful in keeping students with diverse backgrounds on 'the same page' and in orienting to each day's lab."

1. strongly agree 2. agree 3. disagree 4. strongly disagree

Average = 1.43


The lectures helped to set a good precursor of why we are doing certain labs and what we are studying during those labs.

The lectures were in-depth and extremely informative and I thoroughly appreciated learning about the background of the subject of interest for each particular lab.

Since I had not taken any human physiology until this semester, the lectures were helpful in giving me background information, especially at the beginning of the semester when I was just beginning exercise physiology.

The mini lectures provided sound background to the labs.

The mini-lectures were a nice refreshing about the material covered that day in lab.

The lectures were good to get a brief overview of the basic physiology.

Provided very helpful and interesting background on topics I was not very familiar with.

Yes, this was always very helpful

The lectures were a bit long at times, but the content was a nice refresher for the lab.

Try to shorten the lectures in order to have more time doing the experiment

Please provide feedback for your TAs:

(AM) Your undergraduate TA (Sheetal Sethupathi)

Sheetal was awesome. She answered questions promptly and knowledgeably, but if she didn't know she always flagged down Gen or Dr. Stark to help.

Awesome and very helpful.

Very helpful and clearly understood the materials! Really benefited from her tips on how to succeed in the class

Sheetal was a great TA. She was extremely helpful in class and with questions on the labs.

Sheetal was helpful in running the labs smoothly and answered questions clearly.

Excellent TA , saved my lab group's butts numerous times when our iWorx wasn't functioning properly. Very knowledgable

Sheetal was always helpful and positive. I appreciated her kind attitude every Wednesday!

Sheetal was always helpful and able to address any questions

Sheetal was vary helpful and was able to answer questions based on what they did last year in lab.

Fairly competent, knew the lab, did defer to other authorities during equipment malfunctions.

great! always friendly and helpful

very helpful and knowledgeable

Did a great job, was very helpful. No complaints.

Sheetal was very helpful!

(PM) Your undergraduate TA Humza Ahmed

an excellent help whenever the group had a quick question during lab and helped create a stress-free lab environment.

Humza was a great TA. He was very helpful when we asked him questions and walked around the room to make sure everyone knew what they were doing.

Humza was a very nice and helpful TA and made the lab run much more smoothly.

Humza was a great TA. He was always helpful and knew what he was doing.

Very helpful in assisting with any questions pertaining to the procedures in lab as well as topics covered in class.

Humza was very helpful and knowledgeable. He always was there to answer questions and conveyed information well.

Humza was always willing to answer my questions during lab and was very helpful in explaining concepts.

Humza was very helpful and approachable.

Great job being approachable to ask questions during the lab.

Humza was very attentive and helpful

Humza was great, although I didn't work with him too much.


Your graduate TA (Genevieve Hilliard)

Genevieve was an awesome TA. She is very intelligent and was extremely helpful in regards to being available for questions and giving advice on how to make my lab reports better.

Genevieve was amazing. She let us know exactly what she looked for on lab reports and even made time for us to go in and get help. She was always on top of each lab and very attentive to the students.

Genevieve was an awesome TA. She always helped me and tried her best to help me to understand the labs.

This is the second class I've had Genevieve for and she is awesome at answering questions or being honest if you ask something she is unsure of, in which case she finds out where we can't get the answer.

I really appreciated how she made the expectations of the class clear and was also extremely responsive and helpful whenever I had a question pertaining lab work.

Gen really knew her stuff and helped us out of more than one technology problem. I loved listening to her lecture on manuka honey and I hope her defense goes well!

Always willing to provide positive feedback/encouragement, as well as how to improve on our lab report writing skills. Genuinely interested in the material and a fun personality to have in the room!

Was very knowledgable about the material and provided easy to understand answers with questions about the lab reports and during experiments

Genevieve was very knowledgeable about the labs and helped to answer any questions we had very clearly.

Very helpful throughout the semester and was very responsive to email for any questions pertaining to the lab reports, labs, etc.,

Very experienced and was very helpful because she understood the equipment and the lab exercises fully. Genevieve was also great with responding to emails and making expectations clear.

Genevieve clearly had a great understanding of the lab material each week. She was always helpful when I had questions during lab as well as during her office hours.

Genevieve was very helpful and knowledgeable. She always was there to answer questions and conveyed information well.

Genevieve is also very approachable and helpful. She was easy to reach via email to answer any questions I had, and her office hours fit well with my schedule.

Genevieve was wonderful. She was always eager to answer questions and gave helpful directions on lab procedures.

Genevieve had clear expectations for the lab reports and was very nice and accommodating during lab.

Genevieve knew the procedures and technology used in the lab and was effective at answering questions or fixing problems with the equipment. She also clearly indicated what was necessary for the lab reports and responded to e-mails within an appropriate amount of time.

extremely helpful, really enjoyed her presentation on manuka honey and its role in wound healing

Great and very helpful.

Jen was great at being helpful whether it be in person or via email

great, knew the technology and systems pretty well

Did a great job, was very helpful. No complaints.

Did know the lba and could help with any questions asked.

Genevieve was really helpful with the lab reports!


Genevieve was always so helpful! My only word of advice would be for her to check her email more regularly.

Please provide feedback for these contributors:

Dr. Beatty, Optometrist

Awesome job! I loved looking into his eyes and seeing pictures of sick patients' eyes.

Excellent lecture and very involved in the lab, he really made the whole experience more enjoyable as his passion was rather infectious.

A lot of information was given this day but it was very interesting. Having all the tools to demonstrate different eye problems was very helpful to grasp the concept.

Very cool to have a medical professional come in to discuss optics! Many students struggle with the eyes and how vision processes work.

I really liked his lecture and demos. The class was very interactive and I learned a lot of interesting facts about the eye.

The demonstrations were knowledgeable and fun to do. I particularly enjoyed the astigmatism one.

I thought it was really cool how he let us look in his eye with the ophthalmoscope.. Hopefully that doesn't cause him any eye damage after doing that for multiple years.

I enjoyed listening to Dr. Beatty's lecture about his experiences as an optometrist.

He was very nice and informative, often knowing how to best get the results we were looking for in lab.

I really enjoyed this lecture because I never realized how important an optometrist can be in detecting very harmful diseases or conditions.

brought in fun exercises, cool to see it from a professional who works in the field

I enjoyed having the hands-on experience with the various tests that looked at astigmatism, color blindness, and such.

Very interesting lecture and clearly a knowledgable professional. His demonstrations with all of his equipment made this lab very fun.

Dr. Beatty was very interesting and informative. He was very knowledgeable and the activities were very fun.

This was a very hands-on lecture that I enjoyed.
I very much enjoyed the lecture.

Interesting activities for understanding the eye functions

Very awesome topic, happy he came.

interesting lecturer.

great at explaining and interactive

interesting and definitely added to the lab that he was a part of. I would recommend he continue to speak at the labs.

Very engaging


Dr. Beatty's hands-on demonstrations as well as graphic pictures were very interesting. His lecture material was a little long.

Interesting lecture/demonstration! No complaints.

A great opportunity to look at an average human eye (and the underlying blood vessels). A quick eye exam would have made things even more interesting.

Prof. Shornick, Biology Professor

Professor Shornick's lecture about diabetic wounds and her research was my favorite. It was very interesting learning about the wounds and what variables can possibly quicken the recovery period.

Dr. Shornick is brilliant. Listening to her speak is so engaging. This was probably one of my favorite speakers, mostly due to the fact she is centered around one research idea so her lecture was concise.

Professor Shornick was very helpful during the lab as she explained exactly what she was doing with the mice. Her discussion about her own research was also very interesting.

A great lecture on an interesting subject matter, was super helpful in the lab proceedings.

Dr. Shornick's research was very interesting and tied in well to what I had seen while shadowing physicians with a large number of diabetic patients.

Dr. Shornick's research was very intriguing and I enjoyed learning about the impact of disease on body systems.

I always love hearing about what is going on in the biology department, so her presentation was very interesting.

I really liked this lecture because I had previously been really interested with Prof. Shornick's work with diabetic neuropathy and she explained it in a way that was easy to understand.

Very helpful and knowledgeable, especially when it came to learning the proper way to inject the mice with the insulin/glucagon.

Dr. Shornick was helpful and informative about animal protocols, I really appreciated it.

Her lecture was very interesting, as always! I like how she talked specifically about diseases.

Appreciated listening to her presentation on the research she conducts here at SLU. The topics tied in nicely with our lab!

I liked how she thoroughly explained her experiment. It helped to gain a better understanding of the lab as a whole. The lab was also very fun. Unfortunately, our mouse had to be injected with ketamine three times.

interesting and definitely added to the lab that she was a part of. I would recommend she continue to speak at the labs.

really interesting research on diabetic wound healing

highly enjoyed her lecture about diabetes because it is a main issue in today's society

I liked Dr. Shornick. She did a great job in the lab.

Interesting lecture, no complaints.

I found her topics very interesting

Very kind of her to let us use her mice

very knowledgeable

Helpful in lab.


I don't remember who this is or what we did with him. There's also no mention of this name in the syllabus, but maybe I'm just losing it.

Prof. Buchanan, Psychology Professor

Prof. Buchanan's presentation was really interesting to me because it was very relevant to my major. I think the way that he incorporated the class in his discussion was very engaging and made the presentation very interesting.

Prof. Buchanan was interesting and it was great to see something outside of the field of biology/medicine.

Dr. Buchanan's topic was something I had never really heard about before and I enjoyed learning about the galvanic skin response

Lecture was interesting and thought provoking.

I had not previously learned about the electrodermal system, so this presentation very new and provided a good background for the lab.

I enjoyed his experiment where he asked us to rate stimuli based on how pleasant/arousing an image was. Furthermore, enjoyed the examples he gave with EVR and Phineas Gage

The lecture was interesting and provided a different perspective on our physiology.

I enjoyed learning about the psychology topics Professor Buchanan covered during lecture. It was interesting to learn about Phineas Gage.

I appreciated his connection of physiological symptoms to psychological states.

This was a great lecture!

Good, interactive lecturer

Enjoyed hearing about his lab!

Nice overview of the topic being discussed in class that day

very interactive and great lecturer

Very interesting lecture.

I enjoyed the lecture.

Very interesting topic

His lecture was very interesting, and it was presented well.

interesting and definitely added to the lab that he was a part of. I would recommend he continue to speak at the labs.

Interesting lecture, no complaints.


Dr. Itoku, Urologist

My favorite lecturer of the semester. Dr. Itoku clearly knew his material very well and kept me thoroughly engaged throughout the entire lecture. I only wish I could attend more lectures given by Dr. Itoku.

Favorite guest lecturer out of all of them, although as a male, the presentation made me slightly uncomfortable. Very friendly and knowledgeable, very useful seeing real world, medical applications of what we learned in class

Favorite lecture by far. Dr. Itoku was extremely good at presenting complex and potentially disturbing material in an easy to understand and thoroughly enjoyable way.

my favorite lecture!! so interesting

He was awesome. Very entertaining in the way he presented the material and very informative on a topic I don't know much about.

Was my favorite lecturer, would love to hear from again in another class.

This was one of my favorite speakers who I learned a lot from

His lecture was incredibly good and was very interesting. Glad he came.

He gave a great presentation. He is a very good public speaker and I liked how he brought a stent to pass around.

Dr. Itoku was very personable and I enjoyed his way of incorporating information with his personal experience as a physician.

Dr. Itoku was very charismatic and informative in his lecture. This topic is often not discussed, so it was very interesting to learn about his practice and specific cases.

Extremely smart. Gave a lot of information in a short amount of time. Was open for questions and readily interacted with students.

Seeing the urology lecture was very engaging. He was a funny and interesting lecturer, and his lecture gave a glimpse of the medical field that I enjoyed.

I enjoyed Dr. Itoku's lecture due to his extensive experiences as a urologist. His lecture was very thorough in explaining certain medical cases
and it was very interesting in seeing the different medical conditions.

Had a very interesting talk and it was to hear about the application of physiology into medicine

interesting and definitely added to the lab that he was a part of. I would recommend he continue to speak at the labs.

Some of the images in this presentation were a little graphic, but I think that being that most of the class is pre-med, that this was a very relevant presentation. It was very engaging and I liked that he stayed after a little bit to answer any questions about the medical field.

Really enjoyed having him come speak

I loved the slides and humor.

Very interesting presentation, particularly in areas relating to treatment of kidney stones (not a lot of classes go over urinary treatment)

cool lecture!

interesting perspective and great lecturer

Provided real life examples and insight into urology


Craig Hill, Biology Ph.D. student, Metabolism in the painted turtle

Solid and understandable presentation (recorded lecture).

I think the presentation was really interesting but it is sometimes hard to listen to recordings and stay attentive. Nevertheless it was helpful that Dr. Stark played the powerpoint with it and pointed to things as the recording played.

I found this information very interesting

The podcast was good, but I wish he would have been able to come speak in person.

Neutral opinion. Had trouble hearing him on the podcast recording that was played in class. Would have preferred an in-person presentation by him

interesting and definitely added to the lab that he was a part of. I would recommend he continue to speak at the labs.

Would have been nice to have him speak in person, but was interesting nonetheless

Nice, but would have been even better if he could have actually come to lab.

Craig Hill was interesting but it would have been cooler to have him in person. Listening to the podcast was difficult.

This presentation was a great background to the lab, but it was a little hard to follow because it was recorded.

I wish he could have been here in person, but the lecture was still interesting.

Didn't have him come to class

Make a statement about the relevance of SLU's 5 dimensions to this course and its assessment

All together

This lab incorporated all 5 of SLU's dimensions: knowledge through the materials covered, communication/community building/leadership through lab group dynamics, and values through a holistic approach to cell physiology.

This class encompassed all five dimensions. Working in groups made the experience more interactive and I feel that we learned more because of this.

This physiology lab course incorporated all of SLU's five dimensions

Scholarship and knowledge were fostered through our learning of all the concepts that were apart of each week's lab. Intellectual inquiry and communication were encouraged by all our teachers, TA's and guests. Community building was enhanced through group work. Leadership and service was emphasized. Values were discussed in some specific labs.

all 5 dimensions were relevant to the course.

Working in a lab group (with other students) allows a certain working of independence which allows for the development of inter-group communication and hands-on learning.

This course was extremely relevant to dimensions 1 and 2 and I am extremely grateful for having taking this course, as it allowed me to apply the knowledge I learned in Human Cell Physiology, thus giving me a greater understanding of the subject. I can't really comment on the contribution to the other dimensions, however.

This course is relevant to dimensions 1-4, but not as relevant to dimension 5. This is through no part of the class itself, but simply due to the nature of the course's content, which has no reason to delve into spirituality and values.

I think this class was upheld each of these values except for spirituality and values, which I'm not sure was applicable. Through group work and the applicability to real life situations it definitely completed each of SLU's dimensions.

The class helped me get to know other students, while also having fun and learning about the body.

This course really focused on #1-3 as it encouraged students to further their knowledge in the field of physiology while inquiring about different systems. Being split into groups allows for community building as well as leadership within your group. The group dynamic allowed for people to work together as a team, which is a useful skill for future use in different settings of communities throughout one's life.

This class really emphasized #1-3 on the SLU dimensions list. We worked in teams to observe and inquire about various physiological processes. There were also opportunities to work with others within our lab groups.

I think this course hit the first three dimensions well but the last two fell short but I don't know how applicable they are directly to the course.

Mostly it addresses the first 2 as it is a very factual course, however I also find that labs such as this typically produce a community of people with similar interests who become close throughout the semester.

Not sure that 4 and 5 are really relevant, but the first three are incorporated well.

This course fulfills the five dimensions. It doesn't really fulfill the spirituality part, but it is hard for a science class to do that. It definitely fulfilled 1, 2, and 3.


1.Scholarship and Knowledge

I have learned arguably more in this class, over a greater diversity of topics, than any other class my senior year.

this course encouraged full comprehension of the mechanisms and the lab exercises.

Knowledge was acquired during the lectures and lab component.

This course certainly expanded my knowledge regarding human physiology as I was able to explore many of the body's characteristics in different systems.

Helped me learn about different aspects of physiology I was unfamiliar with.

A lot of knowledge was gained in this course.

this course made you think about physiology and how it applies to real life

2. Intellectual Inquiry and Communication _

Questions and concerns were welcomed in this class, every week I knew what to do as well because of the website and weekly emails from Dr. Stark.

Teamwork was a big part of this course which really improved communication among people.

Working in groups fostered communication skills.

Inquiry was encouraged and communication was clear when inquired.

questions were encouraged and answered sufficiently.

In the lab reports, I was able to create my own hypotheses and inquire about the implications of certain experimetns. I was also able to practice communicating my findings effectively in the two final lab reports.

you had to effectively communicate through the lab reports

3. Community Building _

I consider each of my group members personal friends after this lab.

the entire biology department, along with other departments, helped to make labs and mini-lectures possible. This shows how SLU works to help its own and having all these resources is what made this lab a very good one.

Working in lab groups built a sense of community within the class.

group collaboration

group work was mandatory

I was able to meet and work with fellow SLU students also studying Biology and learned how to effectively complete a lab in a group environment.

Working in groups fostered friendship and enhanced cooperative abilities.

4. Leadership and Service _

each member of the group was expected to work their fair share and keep the group on task.

leaderships and service was important to have a well functioning group

In many experiments, I took a leadership role in completing certain sections of the experiment and guided my lab partners through that section.

One must account for their own lab and lab report. Shows taking lead in one's own course work.

each week a new member took the lead on a project

Helping others work on the lab fostered leadership skills.

Every student has the opportunity to display leadership during the labs.

5. Spirituality and Values _

ethics such as the treatment of animals during experimentation were clear, followed, and well taught.

Learning about the ethical treatment of animals showed the importance of respecting life/ethics.

some of the exercises were personal and students were held to a high standard of values.

During this lab, I maintained my personal Catholic values in respect for the human body and exploration of its goodness.

Valuing/appreciating all the guest speakers and the lab TAs. Without them this lab would not be possible.

Everyone was treated with integrity and respect.

this lab had values

What changes would you propose for next year?

I thoroughly enjoyed this lab and would highly recommend it.

NO changes, best lab I've taken at SLU!

I truly think this course is great. I would not change anything. It is fun but also very educational.

I think the lab works well the way that it is currently set up.

I can't think of any changes for next year.

I would not change much. I liked this lab!

Nothing, I really enjoyed this course!

I believe no significant changes are necessary for next year. A possible suggestion is maybe more physicians coming to give lectures explaining their medical case experiences.
I really enjoyed the class, found it to be really fun and learned a lot. The only change I would propose is a more organized website and archive where we could find all tests together. Thank you for a great semester!

I cannot think of many changes I would really make for this course. The one thing I would maybe suggest is that, like with the first two weeks of lab, we maybe reviewed all of the post-lab questions in class together to really make sure we understood them.

This class is fantastic, and I believe that maintaining the course as it is will continue to make this class great. The only thing that I believe would be fun as well as expose the students to more in the realm of physiology is using more physiology equipment (for instance body mass index measuring devices) would be useful in cultivating a wider diversity of knowledge concerning physiological processes. Thank you for an excellent semester.

Better formatting for the lab data (reading it in pdf form is quite difficult at times).

more words on the slides or in the captions on PPT make it easier to follow along and go back to review

I would have liked to see an example lab report before writing our first one.

If I had to change anything, it would be the explanation on how to work the iWorx system. But other than that the lab was very well done.

I really enjoyed the physician guest lecturers as well as Professor Shornick. These guests gave a current perspective on the day's topic and insight into relevant medical practices and research. More guest lecturers would make the lecture portion of the lab different and more helpful than a traditional classroom lecture.

One potential change that would be helpful is maybe consolidating the informational handouts from the earlier week. Other than that, this lab was very interesting and engaging, and I really enjoyed the experiments.

Use more lab protocols involving responses to exercise involving muscle, respiration and cardiac function.

Next year, I think it would help to reduce the time spent on lectures and spend more time going over the procedure for the lab.

Try to shorten the lectures during each class in order to give more time for instruction and questions for the laboratory experiment

Maybe rewriting some of the procedures to be clearer.

Make sure you send out the updated link to your site. You sent us the 2016 link. Thanks for a great semester!

A more user friendly website and tegrity, but the rest of the course was well organized, interesting and fun.

Maybe include a different experiment for the final lab, instead of the sheep brain dissection. I heard that the neuroscience students already performed one earlier in the year, so they might not have enjoyed doing it was much. Furthermore, I'm personally not a huge fan of dissections and doing the cow eye dissection was enough for me in one semester.

I don't know if you can really change anything, but sometimes the iWorx system was difficult to use/manipulate. Also it would have been nice to actually have been taught how to take blood pressure accurately.


There were 2 tests of 50 points each:
Midterm exam: Mean=46.08 (41.85, last year)
Final exam: Mean=45.06 (40.39, last year)
There were 2 lab reports of 50 points each:
First lab report: Mean=45.82
Second lab report: Mean=47.06
Credit was given for the lab notebook and most students earned 50 points
(New 2017) Credit was goven for home work, and most students earned 25 points

The grading curve was 3.87, higher than last year (3.73) which was more generous than in years before that. I attribute that to the new policy of making available the data bases of previous exams from which exam questions were selected.


One of the main reasons for this assessment questionnaire is so that I can give the positive feedback from the students to the TAs and contributers.

In one request, one reminder, and one final reminder, I obtained replies from most of the students

Sometimes it seems to me (and to many students) that the dimensions were handed down by an anonymous administrator, fluent in drivel, who did not know that there were science courses in the college. However, there are some heartwarming comments based on all five dimensions. There was definitely a time when an assessment such as this was required to address how the course addressed the five dimensions. Is that still the case? I don't know, and nobody has told me.


The course received high ratings. Minimal improvements would be required. Furthermore, the fire that destroyed the biology department, and the subsequent disruption to my productivity from having my files and office seized and the need to move, makes it difficult to predict improvements. Further investment of effort would not be worthwhile since I plan to retire after next year, and the course will certainly be very different with a new instructor if, in fact, the biology department can offer it


(1) three powerpoint lecturew were remade in addition to one the previous year. There were a few calls for lectures to be shorter. Sinces classes never ran over 3 hours, I do not buy this argument

(2) homeworks were assigned to force students to be ready, I do not know if I will continue because many students blew off the assignments and they were a lot of trouble to grade

(3) a brain dissection was added after the vagal tone lab (it is short) was combined with the galvanic lab (also short and related to the vagal tone lab)

(4) the syllabus and archive were made simpler, and this made it easy for students to find previous years' exams and so I told the students that most questions on this year's exams would come from exams from 6 previous years

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