BL A347 General Physiology Laboratory, Prof. Stark
Spring, 2014 Assessment Report

Form in regular font, Comments, information and future plans in italics

My interpretation of the history of assessment
"Assessment" in Missouri spread after the mid 1980's "Value Added" program of Northeast Missouri State. It was originally intended "to reliably evaluate the quality of educational training." In April, 1998, SLU's Biology Department adopted a policy of having graduating majors take the Graduate Record Exam, interpreting "assessment" as "program assessment." On September 21, 2000, "each faculty member" was charged to "develop an outcome assessment tool." At this time, the interpretation was one of "student outcomes assessment." In December 2002, "course assessment" replaced "student outcomes assessment;" faculty were directed to collect information used to change or improve the course in keeping with SLU's policy ("Assessment results are utilized to improve courses and curriculum"). There is a link to the assessment reports I have prepared since assessment was mandated at SLU:

Here are the objectives of the course:

Students completing this laboratory will have their learning experience for Human Cellular Physiology, Human Physiology, or Exercise Physiology supplemented, reinforced and extended. Students will acquire and analyze data on neuromuscular, sensory, cardiac, endocrine, respiratory and excretory systems. Skills such as critical thinking, data analysis, library searches, and preparation of scientific reports will be emphasized. Specialized physiology hardware and software will stimulate students in their appreciation of changing technology. A substantial lecture component of this laboratory course will dovetail the interface between learning from lecture (and web resources) vs. hands-on components of learning.

"The course fulfilled these objectives and these objectives were resonable."

1. strongly agree 2. agree 3. disagree 4. strongly disagree

Average = 1.30


This class actually was difficult enough where it fulfilled the demanding objectives but also was easy/laid-back enough where we didn't have a difficult or frustrating time fulfilling the objectives.

I have taken Human Cellular Physiology as am currently taking Exercise Physiology; this course supplements and reinforces both of these courses extremely well.

The hands on component greatly helped me to understand the concepts of the neuromuscular, sensory, cardiac, respiratory and excretory systems

I can't speak for Human Physiology, but I have taken Human Cellular Physiology and am about to complete Exercise Physiology and I think, from my experience, that Human Cellular Physiology is a class that really needs to be taken as a prerequisite or possibly co-requisite for this course to be prepared to apply all of the concepts presented in the lab. The material in Exercise physiology has overlapped with lab to some degree, but not as comprehensively as Human Cellular Physiology did.

Definitely learned a lot and it was a fun lab!

I agree. Not much else to say.

The labs were superb! I could tell that a lot of time and thought went into making these labs so successful. The lab reports were also very relevant and practice for when we may be writing manuscripts in the future. However, the tests were not sufficient. I did not feel that the tests properly tested the knowledge I gained from the class. The test questions seemed to be very specific and random and not focusing on the larger picture of the lab. Besides the tests, I loved the class though! Great job!

I thought I learned a lot about physiology and lab techniques.

This class definitely taught me a lot about physiology and it was a lot of information, but all very relevant and I thought very reasonable.

"The lab "notebook," with step by step instructions and clearly spelled out exercises and data collection, allowed students to work well, independently and in their lab groups."

1. strongly agree 2. agree 3. disagree 4. strongly disagree

Average = 1.30


Loved the PowerPoints on how to fix our lab notebooks (very black and white), and that we had access to them on the site, because often I would forget what was necessary or unnecessary in a report and would refer back to the PowerPoints.

Overall, the lab notebooks are clear and very helpful.

The instructions were very easy to understand and follow, which I appreciated.

The lab notebook has clear instructions that allow us to work independently for the most part.

Instructions were very clear, especially with the sometimes tricky iWorx software and hardware.

Some of the labs, such as the Effects of Temperature and Body Size on Crayfish Metabolism, can have their procedures updated.

For most labs this was the case, some like Q10 we had changes from previous year so it will be necessary to make revised instructions.

might need some updating!

The lab notebook steps really helped for setting up iWorks, but other than that the instructions were not used as much. We ended up following the verbal instructions given by the TAs.

The additional tutorial by the TA before lab was extremely helpful. I would not have been able to do the lab as efficiently and quickly by just following the handout.

Occasionally, I found the instructions hard to follow but most of them were very straight forward.

The instructions were very clear and made it easy to understand things on my own and follow along with my group in lab.

"A unified web site, with postings of exercises, outlines, exam questions from previous years, data, PowerPoints, and PodCasts helped to ensure that each laboratory and your learning experience went smoothly."

1. strongly agree 2. agree 3. disagree 4. strongly disagree

Average = 1.17


Most useful tool in this class and other teachers should employ this.

I liked having the website to get information from. I found it much easier than Blackboard and the information from previous years proved very useful

I love the website! It's easy to navigate and is extremely helpful, especially in regard to studying for exams.

The exam questions are extremely useful and helped me to learn the essential concepts.

The website is incredibly easy to navigate. Everything is right there with links to the necessary documents for each lab.

Some of the labs for the second half of the semester are missing outlines.

Lots of information on site and it was helpful. Sometimes almost too much and it could be cleaned out a a bit.

Did not use Podcasts

The website is very helpful, especially when it comes to studying/reviewing for the midterm/final.

very useful website

The website + archives an an invaluable tool and very easy to navigate.

The outlines for each powerpoint were life savers. Without those, I would not have been able to obtain the appropriate info from the slides.

Outlines and previous exam questions very helpful for studying

The PodCasts were very helpful!

I really liked the fact that the old exam questions were posted. They were an extremely helpful study tool

They definitely helped labs go smoothly and also made studying and finding information from class very easy.

"This selection of labs provides a foundation relevant to systems physiology and to the objectives of this course."

1. strongly agree 2. agree 3. disagree 4. strongly disagree

Average = 1.26


Labs were fun and interactive, but also learned and strengthened my knowledge from my Human Cellular Physiology class.

I liked the fact that each lab covered a different system of the body.

The labs covered a very wide range of physiological processes.

I've learned an incredible amount of physiology for not having ever taken a physiology class before.

I think we covered a wide variety of systems and met the objectives of this course.

The topics were covered in sufficient detail to understand and apply the topic, which is good.

The labs covered a vast array of topics. Sometimes it felt a little scatter-brained though and as if one lab didn't flow into the next. However, I assume it is not really supposed to since we are limited on time and have lots of topics to cover.

I learned a lot about physiology in this course and it helped me on my MCAT.

We learned about a large variety of physiological topics and definitely fulfilled the objectives of the course.

"Topical mini-lectures delivered by your professor were helpful in keeping students with diverse backgrounds on 'the same page' and in orienting to each day's lab."

1. strongly agree 2. agree 3. disagree 4. strongly disagree

Average = 1.39


Sometimes the lectures were a little bit hard to understand, and hard to pick out what was important and what wasn't, but most of this was cleared up by the outlines provided in the website.

Lectures were good refreshers for things that had been learned in previous courses

The guest lecturers are my favorite part of this lab! They are extremely interesting and greatly contribute to my evaluation of this lab as my favorite of any other lab I've taken.

The lectures helped provide a background and inner workings of the lab.

Even though I've been exposed to almost all of the material presented in the mini-lectures before, it was still helpful to have them to refresh my memory and focus on the physiology behind the lab exercise for that day.

These lectures provided background for the labs and were very useful

I think they were helpful for everyone.

Allows the knowledge to come back to you after taking Physio courses

loved hearing from the optometrist and urologist

This was very helpful because it had been a while since my last physiology course.

The lectures were a lot to handle during the lab. Sometimes I felt that it would have been better to not give the lectures and just start into lab. The lectures had too much info to digest in such the short amount of time that they typically stressed me out instead of helping me learn.

I thought they were sometimes helpful but other times were somewhat boring.

The mini-lectures definitely helped get everyone on the same page and sometimes for me they helped refresh things that I had learned in previous courses.

Please provide feedback for your TAs:

Your undergraduate TA (Jay Patel [am])

Jay was always very helpful in guiding us with the procedures and answering any questions that came up.

Jay was very knowledgable and helpful!! Great TA.

Jay was really helpful, easy to approach, and always made sure to
check on each lab group to make sure we understood what was going on.

Jay, maybe slow down on the iWorx explanations. Other than that, you were very helpful.

Jay was very helpful during the labs

Very helpful, especially in going over the questions at the end of the lab.

Your undergraduate TA (Amanda Schadowsky [pm])

Amanda was very helpful and relatable in the classroom. She was always patient in answering our numerous questions. Very good TA! Loved both undergrad and grad TA!

Amanda was very helpful in getting each lab set up and going through the procedure of the lab

Amanda is great, she is knowledgable and approachable and is always willing to help.

Amanda was a little quiet in the beginning but as the semester went on, she was amazing!

Amanda was really helpful and was always there to answer questions

Amanda was great; very nice, and always able to help out when something wasn't going right in lab.

She wasn't very helpful and didn't know what was going on half the time. But she still helped make the lab fun, and helped when she could.

Amanda was very helpful in assisting during the labs. Easy to reach out to and converse with.

Amanda was very sweet and helpful. She always tried to explain the physiological reason as to what we were looking at or explain what our data means.

great feedback for questions

Amanda was very knowledgeable and provided help in actually preforming the labs. Very good job.

Amanda was ok. She did not seem like she knew what she was doing most of the time. I felt more comfortable asking Dr. Stark and Dean questions.

Amanda was very funny and made the class a lot more enjoyable.

Amanda was always willing to help students whether they had a conceptual question or a question about setting things up. She was very nice and easy to talk to. She was also very knowledgeable.

Your graduate TA (Dean Odegard)

One of the best TA's I've had. He was serious enough to lay down the objectives of the lab and we took him seriously, but he was also very relatable and helped give a laid-back feel of an otherwise seemingly daunting lab class. He was also VERY patient with dealing with two sections of inquisitive premed students and very knowledgable. Loved both undergrad and grad TA!

Dean was excellent. He was very knowledgeable of the information in each lab. He was especially helpful when interpreting the results of lab

Dean is fantastic TA; he manages to keep order and authority while still being easy to talk to and to ask questions.

Dean was really good at explaining everything to the students. He knew what was going on.

Extremely helpful and had a lot of knowledge on everything we did.

Dean was great. He is very knowledgeable, courteous, and explained things in a way that was easy to follow.

Dean was a terrific TA who made his expectations clear from day one and provided help and support with anything we needed.

One of the best TA's I've had - definitely knew his stuff and was very friendly, helpful. Amazing guy!

Dean was also very knowledgable and easy going enough to ask questions to. Great TA as well.

Dean helped to connect the dots between the lab and the physiological
system we were learning about. Also, he always made sure that the
expectations for the lab reports were clearly outlined.

Dean was very well organized and helpful. Dean was able to explain the labs in an easy way and always knew how to solve our technical difficulties. Easy to reach out to and converse with.

Dean was very helpful as well. He definitely tried to help us understand what we were doing and always asked us questions about our data or how it made sense. He did a good job teaching us how to write the lab reports and finally someone was able to explain t-tests to me.

Dean was excellent in every area.

FABULOUS! I could tell he really knew the information and took the time to understand the lab. He also seemed to have a sincere love of physiology that was infectious. Definitely try to get him again for next year!

helped greatly when needed

Dean was really good at explaining concepts and I liked that he was clear in what he wanted for the lab report. I went to his office hours a few times and emailed him a few times about difficult concepts and he always got back to me.

Dean was very informative and had a lot of valuable information to say during the labs. Additoinally, he was very approachable and had good insight on the processes the lab was examening.

Dean was very knowledgeable about the lab information and extremely helpful at explaining confusing topics.

Very good! He went out of this way to explain difficult topics!

Dean was very helpful, especially on how to write a good lab report. He responded to emails very quickly and was always willing to meet outside of office hours.

Dean was also very friendly and knowledgeable. He definitely knew his stuff whenever students asked questions or he was making an announcement to the class. He was always willing to help set things up or explain things if students were having trouble.

Dean did a great job of teaching us what we should be gaining in knowledge from each lab. For example, he would explain the equations and make the labs understandable and relevant. His input was very valuable and it was evident that he was passionate about the subject.

Please provide feedback for these contributors:

Dr. Beatty, Optometrist

Very knowledgeable, appreciated him coming and physically dissecting the eyes with us and providing feedback and demonstrations on which part of the eye we were dissecting. Also appreciated that he let us inspect his eye and talked us through what we were seeing. Very helpful and nice.

Very good lecture and interactive. I learned a lot about a system I previously knew little about

Dr. Beatty gave a great lecture and was particularly skilled at explaining complex workings of the eye in a clear and concise manner. He was also very helpful during the lab and explained how the different procedures we were doing pertained to the lecture.

I really enjoyed that we were able to see inside his eye and actually see the real physiology of it.

Explained concepts in a way that was easily understandable

It was nice being able to work with equipment that is actually used in the optometry field.

Dr. Beatty was very useful in guiding us through the dissection.

I enjoyed having him in the eye lab, he was a great speaker and had some cool instruments that he let us play with.

Very fun lab. He was helpful in the activities.

I enjoyed that Dr. Beatty really incorporated what he was lecturing
about into the lab. This was one of the most memorable labs of the

Well organized lab and great that it was so hands-on. Very good at explaining things to the class and answering questions.

Dr. Beatty was a very hands-on lecturer. He brought interesting equipment and information.

very helpful during the cow eye dissection, very knowledgable

interesting and fun exercises

I liked how this day was very "hands on."

Dr Beatty provided a very cool lecture. I really enjoyed the hands on activities and experiences that he provided with us.

lecture was very interesting and helped bring together the lab with information we had or had not yet studied.

I enjoyed all the speakers and found that they were all relevant to the topics covered in lab.

Showed us very cool demonstrations with eye physiology

I appreciated how he let everyone look into his own eye.

This was one of my favorite guest lecturers because of how engaging he was with the class. The activities he provided really added a new learning aspect that made that lab especially interesting.

Prof. Shornick, Biology Professor

PowerPoint was very thorough and she was very helpful in injecting the mice, explaining each procedure carefully, so she was quite engaging with the students.
The lecture was helpful and the mice lab provided a unique opportunity to handle animals in a lab setting.

I love Dr. Shornick; her lectures are always fascinating and she makes difficult topics easy to understand. Working with mice was also fun.

Her lab was amazing! I enjoy hands on work and the ability to hands on see the effect of things.

Good and clear presentation

Very interesting lecture and I'm glad she was there to give the IP injections to the mice because I know I wouldn't have done it as well.

Dr. Shornick was an excellent resource for questions during our experiment.

The mice lab was fun with glucagon vs. insulin, she was helpful and informative.

I am currently taking Dr. Shornick for immunology, so her lecture was
much of what we had learned in class. I think she conveys her
information well and enthusiastically.

The research she discussed was very interesting and relevant to the lab.

Prof. Shornick was passionate about her subject and definitely was a huge help in the glucose lab. She definitely challenged us to move outside our comfort zone.

interesting lab

Dr.Shornick really enthusiastically explained the research in diabetes and the silver compound used in wound healing.

I enjoyed your powerpoint explaining her research. She extremely friendly and approachable._

lecture was very interesting and helped bring together the lab with information we had or had not yet studied.

Taught us useful lab techniques in how to treat mice.

I enjoyed all the speakers and found that they were all relevant to the topics covered in lab.

Dr .Schornick was nice and informative and I enjoyed having a quick chat with her about mice anesthesia.

This was a great lab bevcause we actually got to work with live mice. I think it was great of her to set that up. She was also very helpful and I liked her research about wound healing and diabetes.

Did a great job of making sure we understood what each step in the lab meant instead of just doing all of the injections for us.

Prof. Buchanan, Psychology Professor

Very nice and knowledgeable; explained his PowerPoints in very easy terms and was able to understand his points clearly.

Helpful presentation to learn more about his subject.

I enjoyed all the speakers and found that they were all relevant to the topics covered in lab.

Dr. Buchanan's lecture was one of my favorites - it was interesting and engaging and presented brand new information in a fun way.

In general, I really enjoyed his topic.

Interesting material, enjoyed learning from him.

Interesting topic and fun lab.

Dr. Buchanan's lecture on galvanic skin response was very informative and provided great detail.

I remember liking his talk on electrodermal signals and found it interesting, but not very interactive.

Professor Buchanan's lecture was very entertaining and relatable. His
information was easy to synthesize because of how he incorporated what
he was talking about into the interactive slides where we rated the
pleasantness and arousal of the pictures he showed.

The lecture was insightful and learning about his research was very interesting as well.

interesting lecture

Prof. Buchanan and the galvanic skin response was very intriguing and he did a great job explaining it.

lecture was very interesting and helped bring together the lab with information we had or had not yet studied.

I enjoyed all the speakers and found that they were all relevant to the topics covered in lab.

Very insightful

Dr. Buchanan's lecture was engaging. I liked his use of different images to demonstrate his point.

His research was very interesting about the Galvanic skin response. I had never heard that it was related to decision-making and instincts before! This was a very interesting lecture and lab.

Prof. Panneton, Pharmacology and Physiology Professor

Very knowledgeable, but a little intimidating. Had a very interesting hypothesis about our diving reflex and was able to persuade us easily about it.

I enjoyed the interactive nature of his presentation

I enjoyed Dr. Panneton's lecture - I was not previously familiar with the diving response. He excelled at teaching a new concept that fits within the context of many other things we've studied this semester.

Really interesting theory on SIDS and obviously very knowledgeable about his work.

Dr. Panneton's research provided a great context for the experiment we were conducting in lab.

I thought he had some interesting work with the diving response, but he had low expectations about how much knowledge the students have, especially since over half the class has taken BIOL 454 Human Cellular Physiology.

Very interested in his research, that was nice.

I enjoyed that Prof. Panneton tried to engage the class by opening up
the class to ask/answer questions.

Learned many new things about the diving response, it was very interesting and he could have gone further into SID. Glad he was able to stay throughout the lab to answer questions as they came about.

Prof. Panneton was very engaging and very effective at explaining and teaching the diving response in mammals.

lecture was very interesting and helped bring together the lab with information we had or had not yet studied.

I enjoyed all the speakers and found that they were all relevant to the topics covered in lab.

Very interesting talk

I appreciated Dr. Panneton's talk on his research.

I thought it was very cool that he was the only person out there studying the diving response and I loved the video he showed of the mouse diving and swimming through the maze. This was again something I had never learned about before.

Dr. Itoku, Urologist

Extremely witty (loved the urine joke!) and a very detailed (a little too detailed) PowerPoint. Also tied his lecture in with our lab and explained what we were observing, which was appreciated and helped us understand the lab more before we even started it.

I enjoyed his lecture very much. It was interactive and very interesting.

I really enjoyed Dr. Itoku's lecture - it was fun and interesting! (And so was he - he was clearly knowledgable but also very approachable and conversational).

He spoke in a way that was easy for us to understand which was much appreciated.

Explained things clearly and had a very interesting presentational very relatable

Probably the most entertaining lecture and best speaker in my opinion. Also, I feel like I retained more information from his lecture than any other presenter.

Dr. Itoku gave a lecture that captivated my attention and made me want to learn more.

Very cool presenter with interesting stories and very funny.

Very knowledgable of course, but did not contribute much to the lecture, really.

Dr. Itoku was probably my favorite lecturer of the semester. He made
his information easily understandable and fun.

wish he could have stayed longer and talked to us throughout the lab.

Dr. Itoku was a very engaging speaker. He spoke at our level and kept us interested. His presentation was relevant to lab and he should definitely be the speaker for the pee lab in the future.

great presentation, would recommend having him return annually

provided great insight

This lecture was my favorite. I thought it was very interesting.

Dr. Itoku really engaged the class and provided valuable information about the daily clinical life of a Urologist.

lecture was very interesting and helped bring together the lab with information we had or had not yet studied.

I enjoyed all the speakers and found that they were all relevant to the topics covered in lab.

Cleared up several myths about urine.

Dr .Itoku was by far the best lecturer. His powerpoint was incredibly interesting and helped me remember clearly the information he presented.

I liked how he presented the myths and the facts about urine because I have definitely heard all of them before and wondered whether or not they were true! Dr. Itoku's presentation was very interesting and I thought it was cool how many diseases can be diagnosed through urine analysis.

Very personable and interesting speaker

Stan Andrisse, Biology Ph.D. student, Glucose transporters

Great lecture, easy and clear and not too overwhelming but also got the point across. Was quite funny and explained his research very clearly.

Very knowledgeable about his topic.

GREAT GUEST LECTURER! Please get him again next year. He made lab so much fun and I didn't find myself falling asleep once during his slides. Very fun person to learn from and listen to teach.

Stan's lecture seemed a little long and overly complex for something we haven't studied before, but he was interesting and engaging.

He simplifies everything for us which is really nice. His research is so intense, but he was able to explain it in a way that we all understood.

It was nice to see what Ph.D students work on and the amount of work that he has accomplished.

As someone who loves cell biology, I was very interested in the lecture to begin with, and I thought his presentation was attention grabbing and very well organized.

Stan's presentation on his research provided relevant information on the subject being discussed.

Made the topic very relevant to college students with examples, I can see him being a great professor one day soon.

Honestly, this is one of the more difficult lectures to recall. I
remember thinking Stan was a good lecturer, but I think I just didn't
find the information as engaging which makes it less memorable.

great discussion about the research, learned many new things.

interested me in finding potential research in this area

Stan really explained well the effects of diabetes and the physiological explanations.

Great! Very intelligent and easy to approach. He seemed genuinely interested in what we were learning. I would say bring him back again but sadly he is moving to John Hopkins

I enjoyed all the speakers and found that they were all relevant to the topics covered in lab.

Nicely explained the importance of GLUT transporters

Although I couldn't remember much about Stan's presentation, I did remember trying (but failing miserably) to beat his record of holding the coin inside the handles for a certain amount of time!

This presentation was very interesting and I liked that it was a relevant research project going on at SLU.

Craig Hill, Biology Ph.D. student, Metabolism in the painted turtle

PowerPoint was very clear, was a little aloof but explained very clearly his work and the concepts we would be covering in lab like Q10 and metabolic rate in terms of his research.

Interesting research about the painted turtles and relevant to our lab experiment.

I had heard Dr. Warren give that presentation before, but I was still able to learn new things during this presentation which was great!

I enjoyed this presentation.

He is very knowledgeable about what he is researching and his presentation was very thorough and well explained.

Craig's presentation on his research provided relevant information on the subject being discussed.

Interesting topic, but his presentation skills were a little weak. I'd much rather listen to Dr. Warren speak about his project.

Had heard this same lecture/paper in comparative animal physio, but still interesting.

This lecture was really interesting because I enjoyed the topic of
the uniqueness of the painted turtle's metabolic tactics to survive
for such long periods under water.

very interesting topic and related to the crayfish well.

learned new information

Anoxia in turtles was fascinating. Very well done.

I enjoyed all the speakers and found that they were all relevant to the topics covered in lab.

Explained in a way that made his research sound very cool/interesting.

I had known Craig outside of class so I knew most of the information he presented beforehand. However, the pictures on his powerpoint were interesting.

It was very interesting to learn all about the painted turtle and how unique they are. I always see them in lakes but I never knew anything about what they did in the winter.

Make a statement about the relevance of SLU's 5 dimensions to this course and its assessment


1. Scholarship and Knowledge

This class dramatically increased my understanding of physiological topics.

This course built on the foundation of physiology I have learned from Human Cellular Physiology.

the course definitely brought knowledge to our hands

knowledge had to be demonstrated through the various assesments given

This course tested our ability to prepare for lab and to work efficiently to complete the experiment in a timely manner. Furthermore, the lectures reinforced knowledge as well as extended it.

There was a wide range of topics included in the course that were all highly relevant to physiology. At times, it was detail-oriented, but it was well-explained and all valuable information.

2. Intellectual Inquiry and Communication

This class definitely made me more curious about physiology and even made me decide to do my senior inquiry in this field.

All of the labs in this course prompted questions in my head and work on effective communication through the lab reports.

being able to ask questions to the TA and grad student allowed us to be more curious.

communication was key in order to complete the labs on time in an orderly fashion

Through the guest lectures, we explored the many spheres of physiology and it deepened my curiosity in the field.

We had to work in groups and with TAs to solve problems, not just the labs, but any other issues that came up. This class definitely made me confident working with a group.

3. Community Building _

Dr. Stark, Dean, and Jay made us feel comfortable in asking questions or for help. Furthermore, friendships developed with the students at our lab tables because of the interaction that resulted from our experiments.

Working with our lab groups for all the labs has enhanced community building.

working with others at our table allowed us to learn to talk to others. Furthermore, the introduction to members of Macelwane as well as other speakers outside the community allowed us to form connections with others in the community.

teamwork was critical

This course challenged us to work as a team and overcome challenges together in order to complete our experiment in a timely manner.

unlinke many college classes where the teacher just lectures, this class had us working in groups every time we came in. I became good acquaintances with everyone I was working with and I always say hello to them if I see them outside of class and even stop to chat, something that does not happen that often with classmates in lecture-type courses.

4. Leadership and Service

Students learn when to lead and take control while performing experiments, when to designate responsibilities, and when to serve and help others.

everyone had to be a leader in one lab or the other which allowed us to be followers and leaders

During the number of experiments, members of our group took turns leading the experiment. I did not see any relevance to service in this course.

At some point during the lab, we all had to be the leader of the group in some way because each of us had different strengths.
5. Spirituality and Values _

Using the lab animals and through dissections got me thinking about my values and how far I am willing to go for science, while still maintaining my views on non-violence.

taught us value of hard work even if challenging at first pays off

I did not see any explicit relevance to to spirituality and values.

I learned that I value my education more in cases like this. I did not want to miss lab because I did not want to leave my lab mates without a member. This is definitely not something I experience in lecture courses.

As one comment

This course definitely ties the first three points together, because it was an intellectually stimulating course, but also allowed the students to work together fostering community building and communication and also somewhat leadership, because certain group members had to take the lead in certain lab activities. Because this was a mostly science course it did not really connect with my spirituality but in terms of the treatment of animals in the lab, reinforced my values on humane treatment of animals (as seen in the insulin/glucagon lab with the mice).

This lab is relevant to most of SLU's 5 dimensions - we had to study the material to really understand the physiology behind each lab. During lab, we had to communicate well within out lab groups and determine the significance of our results and how they fit within what is expected. By the end of the semester, I am comfortable with my lab group, who I really didn't know before this lab (yay team building). Each lab member had to take turns "leading" the lab group, taking control of the procedure, and analyzing the results.

This class taught much of which cannot be learned in a normal classroom setting. Hands on experiences such as working with crayfish, mouses, and sheep eye dissections added much to my knowledge about physiology and the human body. I greatly enjoyed this class!

I think 1 and 2 are the only ones that apply to this course in particular as it's scope is very academic. However, that's not a bad thing. These '5 dimensions' need not be present in a course for it to be a good course. I thought this lab was an excellent supplement and extension of my knowledge in physiology, and that's all it needed to be.

It fulfills 1-3 for the students taking the course, and number 4 for the TA's, for sure. Not sure where the spirituality comes in, though.

This course clearly is relevant to SLU's 1st and 2nd dimensions. It is
a course highly focused on knowledge and intellectual inquiry as we
are learning about the physiological systems by engaging in studies on
ourselves. As far as community building, the lab is divided into
groups, so it was important to incorporate teamwork into the course.
At the same time, leadership was necessary to take responsibility
within the lab group and make sure you were doing your part to help
the group.

This class covered all of SLU's 5 dimensions in an exciting and hands on fashion. Much was learned, questioned and communicated. Our class as a community efficiently worked together in the learning process. There was leadership among groups and volunteer's with in groups to be subjects for the learning process. As for spirituality and values, that is relevant to the treatment of human subjects and animals.

Aside from spirituality and values, this class stayed true to all of SLU's 5 dimensions. I like the idea of not letting us choose our lab partners, it forces people to work together who might have never met each other.

I think that this course has major relevance under "Scholarship and Knowledge" as well as "Intellectual Inquiry and Communication". The course fosters a deeper understanding of major physiological systems and their relevance. Additionally, the course fosters communicating this information in both the form of written examinations as well as having guest lecturers communicate to us relevant and interesting information.
The class definitely incorporated the values. We were always striving to know more and apply what we knew. The class was not inclusively to only SLU students. Instead, the professor reached out to the surrounding community in order to supply guest lecturers.

Over than spiritually and values (#5), I believe this course fully supported all the other values.

What changes would you propose for next year?

The only change I would propose is splitting up some of the labs; sometimes we would do three labs a day and get out late, and other times we would have one lab and get out very early. Otherwise this is an amazing lab course, and lab courses usually scare students because they are very strict, but this lab was not too demanding and very interesting, and I really appreciated the outlook of Prof. Stark and his TA's on emphasizing understanding what you are doing but also having fun. Bringing in outside professors enhanced the experience a lot because we were able to connect what we were learning in lab to a real life career path. I have already recommended this course to many of my peers wanting to take a lab course next year.

Provide more interpretation of the results from each lab either at the end of lab or the next lab session. I enjoyed all of the labs that we did and would not majorly change them.

I don't think many changes are needed. This was a fantastic lab that corresponds extremely well to several different lecture courses. The procedures were interesting, fun, and for the most part, successfully demonstrated the physiological response we were studying that week.

No changes needed!

I know that previous exam questions are posted from previous years, but I think some kind of general study guide would be helpful for the exams. It doesn't have to be a document saying what to study or anything, but maybe just take a few minutes in the last lab before the midterm and final exams to let the students know what to focus their studies on. Between the physiology background, guest presentations, and actual lab information, there is quite a bit of material from which exam questions could potentially be pulled from, and it would just be nice if our studying was focused on the information that will be specifically relevant for the exams.

Just to update the procedures given in the printouts for some of the labs and to provide outlines for the labs that are missing them.

The lab is already interactive, but keep asking thought-provoking questions during mini-lecture and while conducting the experiments. Also the grading scale should be updated on the syllabus with lab report completion grade included. Overall, fantastic lab and my favorite at SLU!

The lab is great as is. Most fun lab I've been in at SLU by far.

As a whole, physiology lab was one of the classes I always looked
forward to during the week because it was informational, but also a
lot of fun. The only thing I would change for next year would be
focusing/pointing out specific points during lecture because at times
a lot of information was being presented, and it was difficult to know
which topics were more important/should be studied more than others.

We ran into many technical difficulties that made our labs take much longer than necessary. I think the good old fashioned way sometimes is much more reliable. Starting on time would be great as well, the afternoon class had lots of stragglers which made the class start later, so maybe a greater emphasis on punctuality.

Better explanation on how to use to iWorx software, I was lost most weeks.


I would have liked more direction while studying for the exam because there was a lot of material.

I feel that most, if not all, of the kinks that could occur in this class have already been ironed out, and as a result I do not have any changes.

Everything was great! Maybe try shortening the lecture slides and please please work on changing the test questions so they are more focused on the main idea of the lab and not so much the nitty-gritty random details. Great overall!

I feel that studying for the exams was really difficult because there was a great amount of material and while it was all great information, I did not think the material was as cohesive as it could be. This made it difficult to study for the exams. It would be helpful to have a study guide perhaps or a review session held by the TAs.

No changes, everything was perfect!

I wish Dr. Itoku would come and talk about circumcision in addition to urine. I had been looking forward to that lecture.

I can't really think of any changes that could be made. I enjoyed all the labs, the guests, and I feel like I learned a lot.

I think that the exams were a little bit too detailed at times, and they should reflect more of the general and main concepts that we learned in lab. The speakers were definitely very knowledgable, but if possible, they should be more interactive with the class. All in all, this was one of my favorite lab courses that I have taken and I definitely learned a lot.


Grades were based on 2 lab reports (50 points each, averages of 46.45 and 45.1) a midterm exam (50 points, average = 39.15) and a final exam (50 points, average = 35.55). Also, lab notebooks were scored for a total of 25 points, average = 24.7. The grading curve was 3.63 (A-) , reflecting slightly poorer performance than last year, especially on the final exam. Curiously, the afternoon section scored noticeably better than the afternoon section


Although there were (for this course, as there have always been) complaints about the exams, I was able, better than ever, to get the undergraduate TAs and the graduate TA, trained in the course and sympathetic with the students' attitudes, to contribute to exam questions. I would be wealthy if I had a dollar for every complaint about exams I have had in my career.

I really appreciated the superlative comments like:

Most useful tool in this class and other teachers should employ this.

I liked having the website to get information from. I found it much easier than Blackboard and the information from previous years proved very useful

I love the website! It's easy to navigate and is extremely helpful, especially in regard to studying for exams.

The exam questions are extremely useful and helped me to learn the essential concepts.

The website is incredibly easy to navigate. Everything is right there with links to the necessary documents for each lab.

The lab is great as is. Most fun lab I've been in at SLU by far.

Participation in assessment:
I was disappointed that, with 3 reminders, only half of the students replied to the assessment

5 dimensions
Even though many students feel that only the first two apply to science courses, I was impressed with how many comments eloquently rationalized how the course fulfilled all 5 dimensions


In preparation for future improvements in the web site and instructions, we practiced well at lab meetings (Monday or Tuesday) when the lab was Wednesday. We had new computers, and the feared transitions in methods never materialized, thank goodness. We had new equipment for the Q10 lab and only got a chance to try it 2 days before the lab met. So, in many cases, instructions given in orientations were the only to correct the written documents. These instructions were recorded and can be transcribed

Plans for the future

Only fine tuning is necessary

Attention should be devoted to the lectures and to the lab notebook

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