BIOL 3470 General Physiology Laboratory 2018


 For previous years’ data, exams, presentations, etc. go to 2017 syllabus/schedule and 2016 syllabus/schedule

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Lab Topic

Mini-Lecture Topic


Jan. 17

Orientation, Lab Safety,

Using Excel, Library Tools, Endnote and Photoshop, EndNoteTutorial, How to succeed

Tutorial, 2018 Data

Neurophysiology, Outline*, Slides,

Electrophysiology, Outline, Slides,

Microscope, Slides,

2018 Podcasts A(am lect), B(am excel etc), C (pm), D (pm)



Jan. 24

Reaction Times, Lab Report Guidelines, Lab Report Expectations

Sensory Systems, 2018Data

Vision demos Outline*, slides,

Audition gustation olfaction Outline*, Slides, 2018 Podcasts (Lectures and expectations) am pm, Orientations am pm


Jan. 31

Vision* Demonstrations

Optometrist (Dr. Beatty) demonstrations

Vision Lesson

Cow Eye Dissection

Eye and Vision, Outline*, Slides, 2018PodCast (am), (pm)


Feb. 7

Blood Glucose, 2018Data, Lab Reports due

Wound healing 2017 PodCast am

Endocrine, Outline*, Slides, Animal use 2017 PodCast am


Feb. 14

Muscle I- Oculomotor Activity

Look at prepared muscle slides,

Muscle, Outline *, Slides,  2018 PodCast am, pm

Digestion, Slides, Outline*, 2018 PodCast am , pm


Feb. 21

Lab reports returned and discussed,

Muscle II- Stretch Receptors and Reflexes

Orientation, 2016 PodCast (for everything) (am) (pm),


Feb. 28

Midterm 2018, Notebooks (exercises) collected



Mar. 7

Basic Cardiac Function

Advanced Cardiac Function: ECG Leads,

Cardiac, Outline*, Supplement*, Slides, 2018 PodCast (am), (pm), 2017 Data 


Mar. 14

Spring Break- No Lab



Mar. 21

Basic Pulmonary Function

Advanced Pulmonary Function,

Respiration, Outline, Outline2*, Slides, 2018 PodCast (am) (pm)


Mar. 28

Galvanic Skin Response, Lab Report Expectations, rubric,

Advanced Cardiac Function:  Vagal Tone, 2017 Data,

Dr. Buchanan,

His slides   2018 PodCast (am) (pm) PodCast


Apr. 4

Q10 Metabolism, 2015Figure, PreviousExamQuestions 1*, 2*

2018 Data, 2016 Data 2017 Data

Metabolism, Slides, 2017PodCast am pm, Craig Hill, biology Ph.D. student, “Painted turtle Physiological adaptations to anoxia and over-winter hibernation”-Slides, 2014PodCast am pm,


Apr. 11

Kidney Function, 2018 Data, 2015Data, 2014Data, 2016Data, 2017Data  Lab Reports Due

Kidney, Slides, Outline*, 2018PodCast am pm, Urologic Emergencies lecture  from practicing Urologist Dr. Itoku,, 2018 PodCast am pm, 2013 Circumcision lecture, PodCast (am) (pm)


Apr. 18

Human Diving Response, 2015Data, 2014Data, 2016Data,

Prof. W. Michael Panneton, (SLU Pharm Phys), his slides, his paper, 2018PodCast am pm, 2016PodCast am pm, Questions and data from earlier years*


Apr. 25

Sheep brain dissection, slides, dissection guide, Orientation, Lab Reports Returned,


May 2

Final 2018, Notebooks (exercises) collected & Returned

Assessment Report 2018,