The Effects of Temperature and Body Size on Crayfish Metabolism

Physiology Lab Quiz

December 5, 2006


  1. Organisms can be classified on the basis of their heat source.  An organism that directly gets its heat from the sun is referred to as a/an ___heliotherm__________________, whereas an organism called a/an ____thigmiotherm________ obtains its heat from the substratum or surrounding environment.


  1. Explain what a Q10 value of 1.0 means in terms of reaction rate or metabolism.


Reaction is not temperature dependent



  1. You are designing an experiment to measure metabolic rate. Based on the equation for cellular respiration, what are two different components that could be measured? (Hint: you measured one in lab!)


Oxygen consumption or carbon dioxide production



  1. Explain why there is not a one-to-one correlation between metabolic rate and body mass.


Must take into account the surface area



  1. What was the purpose of aerating the crayfish tanks and the respiratory chambers?



Maintain a high level of oxygen



  1. How does temperature relate to biological activity?


An increase in temperature will cause reactions to increase until a point where enzymes are denatured.



  1. Organisms that are temperature conforming are called _____ectotherms_________________ or

__________poilkilotherms____________, while organisms╣ whose source of heat is from chemical reactions within their body are called _______endotherms_______________________.