Physio lab 2004

I didn't have the pleasure of having a course taught by Dr. Stark until my junior year. He was assigned to teach General Physiology Lab, a course which he had never taught before. I have had several teachers who have been forced into such situations, confronted with the prospect of teaching a course with which they have no experience, but none have handled it as marvelously as Dr. Stark. Whereas it is painfully obvious in most cases that a teacher is dealing with unfamiliar subject matter and finds himself in strange territory, Dr. Stark went to every length to gain insights into Physiology. He actually signed up as a student at Mizzou's undergraduate Physiology Lab and took the course there the semester before he was going to teach Physiology Lab at SLU. I have seen personally the detailed photos and notes he took while there in an effort to improve the course he had to teach the following semester. Instead of just looking over the lesson plans left for him by other professors, he went to lengths to devise his own, to revitalize labs that had been handed down to him, to recruit help to make labs more in-depth and more appealing to students, and did his best to make the labs insightful instead of dreadfully boring chores. Every week, he would spend several hours testing the equipment, making it work, and writing detailed instructions on operating equipment. He never let limitations in funding or lack of departmental support phase him. He worked tirelessly to work with what he had, and to make it interesting. I have scarcely ever seen a professor work so hard to develop a curriculum

Physio lab 2005

Dr. Stark really cares about the welfare of his students and that is great. Dr. Stark A++

The instructor and TA were very excited and interested

Dr Stark did a great job

Physio lab spring 2004

Stark is a friendly and knowledgeable instructor

Very smart man. Very understanding and always willing to answer questions

Dr. Stark has an excellent grasp of the material and he communicates effectively during the lectures

Physio lab spring 2009

Great lab. I'm a senior at SLU and this is the first interesting lab that I have taken

Dr. Stark is an excellent teacher. One of the best I have had at SLU. He cares
greatly for his students and knowns and awful lot about effective teaching.

Ansolutely my favorite lab that I have taken in my 4 years at SLU. The information
was interesting and pertained well to the lectures. Looked forward to it each week
and it never failed to impress me.

Professor Stark is an excellent teacher ! the labs were extremely fun and educational. I learned a lot about the practical aspect of physiology. I also had a great time while learning about all of it. I will recommend this course to anyone and everyone.

This was the best lab experience I have had at SLU. Excellent professor and very amusing. Absolute Genius!

Dr. Stark was a great lab professor. He is extremely intelligent and was helpful
when needed.

Physio lab spring 2011

This was an excellent lab, the best I've had at SLU. It was so interesting and FUN. I really
appreciated all the effort Dr. Stark and the TAs put in to make the experiments practical, applicable,
and engaging. I loved using the iWorks system, and I thought the lab overall gave me very valuable
exposure to foundational medical experiments/tests (such as monitoring blood pressure, heart rate,
respiration, etc).

I enjoyed most of the labs while doing them, for they were very informative, especially the mouse lab.

I enjoyed the lab a lot, probably is at the top of my list of lab classes i have taken here. Professor
Stark did an excellent job with the course.

The best Lab experience I have had at SLU so far. The breadth of the things we cover is vast. Dr.
Stark really knows how to keep his students thoroughly engaged while we constantly learn. The
live animal experience was unique and hopefully it will help my future endeavorers.

Dr. Stark is AWESOME!

The course clearly integrated the principle concepts from the lecture course and allowed us to gain practical experience in regard to the various experiments and use of technical equipment.

I took Human Cellular Physiology in the fall so I had learned many about many of the things we did in lab before, and the short lectures at the beginning of class served as a good review. I also enjoyed learning about things not covered in lecture such as the diving response.

The experiments and lectures were helpful in examining physiology topics in real time and the lab reports helped me get a better idea about searching for and writing Scientific literature.

This lab definitely furthered my understanding of human physiology. It was awesome applying the concepts we learned to real human subjects (or mice). I loved it all!

lab exercises enhanced textbook learning through real-life applications

I think this lab definitely fulfilled these objectives and really helped reinforce what I was simultaneously learning in Human Cell Physio and Exercise Physio. I also enjoyed using the iWorks technology!

I really appreciated the explicit directions and the lab notebooks did allow for some great group discussions and cooperation.

The lab notebooks were set up nicely, and then it was a great way to be able to study for the exams.
I liked being able to have the information prior to lab to familiarize myself with the information. Also, the outlines and powerpoints were very helpful in emphasizing the information.

The postings were very helpful, and the slides and outlines were helpful in studying.

I liked knowing what was going to happen in lab ahead of time so that I could prepare.

Printing off all of these before lab was really helpful! It made sure that everyone knew what was going on before lab.

the online syllabus with hyperlinks to labs, powerpoints, outlines etc. made navigating through all the materials easy and allowed me to have access to everything without having to print everything out all the time

gave a good idea beforehand of what topics were going to be covered in each lab

These examples from old tests and the data was really useful as it allowed a holistic experience.

The podcasts were helpful

liked that I could review almost all of the lab afterwards online. It was very helpful to see the format of exams

the exam questions were helpful to know what type of questions would be asked on the midterm and final.

past exam questions really helped focus attention to particular areas of topics

I felt that there was a great variety in the information presented and correlated really well with lecture material.

The labs correlated very nicely to what was being taught in class, and they were relevant to the objectives of the course.

I thought most of the labs were useful

The labs performed were very helpful in giving a relevant look into how physiology was studied in the past and how it is studied today.

it was very helpful to see the concepts we learned applied physically.

the labs were very relevant to what we were learning in the physiology course and helped reinforce the material in a fun way

past exam questions really helped focus attention to particular areas of topics

I genuinely liked every lab that we did, they were practical and interesting.

I really enjoyed doing the labs because they gave me practical knowledge of things that I will need to know in the future as a health professional.

I really liked being able to use the mouse as it clearly helped establish the goals of the experiment.

This was the absolute best lab of the semester. Working with the mice taught me how to properly make injections and treat subjects.

I don't think I would have gotten the opportunity to work with animals like we did anywhere else.

Very practical and fun lab, good exposure for the future.

This was a very unique lab and great experience. I was very glad I could participate in this experiment because it helped me to see the effects of insulin and glucagon in real time.

it was so awesome! I had never given a shot before!

the mouse endocrine labs was one of my favorites from the whole semester. I was able to appreciate a new aspect of scientific experimenting with live animals which is something I have never done before.

really nice to have someone assist with handling the mice; reassurance we were doing things properly and correct

Although I was still a little uncomfortable with the use of mice in such a basic lab, I definitely understand the importance of getting that exposure, and I am very appreciative of the opportunity.

(Strongly agree!!!!!!!!!)This was by far my favorite lab!! I loved the opportunity to work with the mice and understand their physiology because it helped to understand my own, human physiology.

I really did like the physician presentation

Having a lab that is relevant to what many science majors want to do in the future is really beneficial. I think some of the labs will help me have a little bit of an advantage when I attend physical therapy school, and I think it will also help others that want to go into other health care professions.

Physio Lab spring 2012

This course met all of my expectations, and the labs were great! 
This course followed the objectives with fun interesting labs that
helped me ounderstand the lecture material more thoroughly.

The updated technology we have compared to what was described by Dr. Stark as previously used is much appreciated after taking this class.

The directions were usually very clear, thorough, and easy to follow.
The lab assignments were easy to follow and the questions helped me
reflected on the data being collected.
The lab materials made the lab run smoothly! 

I was able to compile notes and discuss would my lab group.

The website was the best of any class I've ever taken
Thank you for providing so much information for us. 
The website is great! Thanks for the Podcasts, they really helped me study
 It was great to get a chance to see past data and exam questions as a way to study and prepare for lab each week
The website was really helpful and organized to know what to expect each week. Also, useful background information was readily available.
I felt that the website was extremely helpful. Everything that was needed for the entire semester was available the first day of class, and each student knew exactly what was expected of them, when every assignment was due, and had any data necessary to complete every assignment.
Having the outlines, power points, assignments, syllabus, etc. on a
website made it easy to find any information you needed. At first, I
was a little unsure about using this website because Blackboard is
more commonly used in the SLU community, but I actually enjoyed using
the website more and think it was extremely well organized.
Thank you for always updating the website to help us!

Recordings of lectures help when reviewing information.
I was able to review the lab right away because it was updated so frequently.
I like that all the material was up on the website since the beginning
Everything was posted within the same day which was great!

Amazing! A lot of concepts in physiology made sense to me more now after this lab
Learned a lot and had a lot of fun!
We covered all the major organ systems throughout this course.

I am currently taking Exercise Physiology and have not taken Human Cellular Physiology, so I appreciated the background information before experiments.
Some of the topics were ones I hadn't seen since MCB sophomore year so it was good to review them
I haven't taken a physiology course yet but I was still able to understand the concepts presented in lab.
 I have only had exercise physiology, so the lectures beforehand were useful for receiving information that I may not have heard before
The mini-lectures helped review the foundation of the material being
presented which in turn helped with understanding the lab assignments

iWorx would have been extremely difficult to manage without the presentation by the undergraduate TA. It was very interesting to use this technology

The TAs really knew how the program worked and were extremely helpful
in assisting students with questions.

It was really cool working with live animalsTesting on mice is one of the most common practices in scientific research. Getting first-hand experience on proper animal care, techniques, and application was extremely beneficial.

It really gave me
appreciation for how vertebrae animals are used in experimental
projects and the strict protocol one must follow when using them.

The lab cultured within each of us a greater desire for knowledge in physiology, our lab groups taught better communication and leadership values.  Seeing the respect Dr. Stark has for following the regulations and rules of the department exemplified his own commitment and values and exposed him as a true role model for many of us aspiring scientists. 

I enjoyed every lab.  Thank you for everything Dr. Stark.

I loved this lab overall. It was so informative, and I enjoyed the atmosphere and knowledge that Dr. Stark creates and possesses

I feel like the labs were well thought of this year and that they really did help reinforce my knowledge.

This was an excellent lab, the best I've had at SLU. It was so interesting and FUN. I really appreciated all the effort Dr. Stark and the TAs put in to make the experiments practical, applicable, and engaging. I loved using the iWorks system, and I thought the lab overall gave me

very valuable exposure to foundational medical experiments/tests (such as monitoring blood pressure, heart rate, respiration, etc).

I enjoyed the lab a lot, probably is at the top of my list of lab classes i have taken here. Professor Stark did an excellent job with the course.

The best Lab experience I have had at SLU so far. The breadth of the things we cover is vast. Dr. Stark really knows how to keep his students thoroughly engaged while we constantly learn. The live animal experience was unique and hopefully it will help my future endeavorers.

Stark is AWESOME!


Dr. Stark is awesome.

This was the best lab course that I have taken at SLU.

Dr. Stark was great!! Best lab experience I've ever had, learned a ton and it was stress free!

It was fun!

I enjoyed this lab and it reinforced my knowledge of physiology after taking a lecture class. The lab exercises were practical. The short answer exams were appropriate so you could explain in your own words your understanding of a concept, which will stick longer. The website was helpful to have everything there in a timely manner. The outlines and old exam questions were very helpful when studying.


Dr. Stark is a wonderful professor. His physiology lab is by far the best and most meaningful class I've taken at SLU. I hope to take another course with Dr. Stark in the near future.

Dr. Stark is very interested in what he teaches and makes it much more enjoyable to learn the material. He is hilarious in his own way and he encourages participation and student input. He is always trying to better the course and goes out of his way to do so.

Great professor! knows his stuff.

This lab was by far my favorite lab I've ever taken - it was fun being able to do real experiments on ourselves that relate well to many different courses I've taken.

Dr. Stark's lab was by far my favorite classroom laboratory experience I have ever had at SLU. Very knowledgeable and friendly and we covered a suprisingly wide variety of topics for a 2 credit hour class!

The instructor did a great job making sure all the students were learning and more importantly enjoying what they were learning. I could tell he had a genuine love of physiology and knew a great deal about all the topics. He also went above and beyond bringing in guest lecturers.

I wanted to thank you for such a great learning experience in General Physiology lab. I was able to see your passion for the material, which made it that much more interesting to learn. Several of the topics were covered on the MCAT, which helped me attain the score I wanted. I look forward to being in your classes in the future.


A thank you card

Your physiology lab was easily the most enjoyable lab I have taken at SLU. Your stories and experiments were something that I had to look forward to every week. Thanks for such a great semester.

Great lab course and instructor!

Dr. Stark is a great guy who really cares about students.

I enjoyed the course and learned a lot! Dr. Stark is a great professor and his tests were graded fairly and the expectations were clearly outlined.

He was very good at making connections with important related guest speakers. The guest speakers were really great and very interesting. He was also very passionate about the topics and emphasized learning and enjoying learning over grades which is wonderful. Easy to talk to. Great! Would definitely recommend

Lab was fun and interesting


This is the best run lab course at SLU! Fun, Engaging, really applies the subject matter to real life in a way that students can understand and enjoy.

I liked the design of the class, where there was a before lab lecture and then the lab. I also liked that we only wrote two full lab reports, and the rest we just answered questions in the packets. I liked how we covered almost every topic/system in the body_ after taking a lecture about physiology this helped me apply what I knew as well as add to my knowledge

Many of labs were enjoyable and helped the students recognize how general concepts related to applications.

It was a very interactive way to learn about human physiology.

The labs were quite enjoyable and good ways to apply physiology information in new ways.
extremely satisfied with Dr. Stark as an instructor

Awesome prof


Great course, labs where we have fun and learn about important physiological topics. Very well done

This course was probably one of the best lab courses I have taken at SLU, so fun and interesting

He was a very kind and intelligent instructor. I know he would have been there if I needed to talk to him. I am really happy I had him as a professor.

Dr. Stark is one of the nicest professors at SLU. I always enjoyed coming to class.

Great professor

I love Dr. Stark!!! Thank you for an amazing semester and a fantastic last lab experience of my college career.

Dr. Stark is the best

Thanks for a fun, educational semester!

This lab was one of my favorites that I have taken at SLU. It was a perfect combination of fun, academically informative, interactive, and fair. Dr. Stark is an amazing professor with a love for what he is teaching and who he is teaching it too taking a personal interest in his students.

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