Biology 347 - General Physiology Lab - Stark and Kumar - Fall 2004
Quiz 3 - Postquiz on Muscle and Muscle Interactive Physiology and Prequiz on Senses Lab and Eye dissection, 9/23/04

1. What would you achieve by holding the handle of an activated tuning fork against the middle of your forehead?

see if you have hearing loss in one ear relative to the other

2. What is the name of the place in the sarcomere where there is myosin but not actin?

H zone

3. After you cut around the equator to see the interior of the globe, what humour should you cut so the halves separate neatly without ripping out lens or retina?

vitreous humor

4. Why would you use trigonometry in the blind spot test?

position, like the position of the blind spot, is typically measured in degrees of eccentricity from the fovea

5. What is the organelle that sequesters calcium in muscle?


6. What is the motor function of cranial nerves III, IV and VI?

control of extraoccular muscles

7. Keeping the amplitude of stimulations high enough to get recordable twitches, and increasing the frequency of stimulation, and achieving a steady contraction, what is this steady contraction called?


8. Your dog or cat's eyes seem to glow at night when looking at you when you are near light. What is responsible for this eye glow?


9. What would you give to a patient who has myasthenia gravis?

neostigmine (an acetylcholinesterase inhibitor)

10. What is the ATPase in muscle?


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