Biology 347 - General Physiology Lab - Stark and Kumar - Fall 2004
Quiz 5 - Postquiz on Cardiac Interactive Physiology and cardiac lab and Prequiz on Respiration, 10/28/04

1. Why shouldn't you give pure O2 to a hospital patient who needs oxygen?

CO2 is the stimulus for breathing

2. Why did you need a little low pass filtering to get a nice EKG?

fast noise would otherwise mess up the trace

3. If you are careful about how you breathe, you should be able to measure each component of lung volumes with our simple spirometer (the blue non-computer ones near the sink) except one. Which one?

residual volume

4. What artery do you usually use for arterial blood pressure?


5. The PowerLab defaults to the wrong units on the ordinate. Where do you get the information that allows you to calibrate the record?

measure volume on spirometer

6. Compare the ventricular pressure during ventricular diastole with the arterial diastolic pressure.

ventricular goes to near zero, arterial goes to measured arterial diastolic

7. In a normal heart beat, the AV node is triggered faster than its automatic rhythm. Of course the SA node initiates such a normal heart beat. How did the electrical signal pass from one myocardial cell to the next to get across the atria?

through gap junctions

8. Looking at the nomogram, what would you expect to happen to vital capacity with increasing age?


9. What would you expect to happen to readings from the peripheral pulse monitor set on your left thumb while your blood pressure is being taken on your left arm?

duh. go to zero when cuff colses off artery

10. If the weatherman gave the atmospheric pressure in mm Hg, what would that reading be?


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