BL A347 - General Physiology Laboratory Fall semester, 2004
Prof: Dr. Stark,, 977-7151, 111 Macelwane
TA: Mr. Kumar, kumarn2@SLU.EDU
Lab course web site:
A pre-or co-requisite is BL A346

Tentative syllabus (items contributing to your grade are marked in bold)

Aug. 26 Mass of the Holy Spirit, No class

Sept. 2 Computer introduction

Sept. 9 Interactive Physiology - Neurophysiology, also Electrophysiology
pre quiz for electrophysiology and post quiz for computer (quiz and answers here)
mean =5.83, SD=1.56, high=8.5, Low=3
Interactive Physiology - Neurophysiology Answer Key

An offering for nine eleven

Sept. 16 Interactive Physiology - Muscle, Muscle answer key and Muscle
pre quiz for muscle and post quiz for electrophysiology and interactive neuro (quiz and answers here)
Mean=4.51, SD= 2.14, high = 8.5, low=1
Interactive physiology Neuro worksheets due Average=82.44 (out of 85), Standard Deviation=2.07. High=85, Low=76)

Sept. 23 - Sensory systems, Eye dissection
pre quiz for sensory-eye, post quiz for muscle (Key here) Mean=6.14, SD=1.71, High=10, Low=3
Interactive physiology Muscle worksheets due Average 73.83 (out of 79), SD=4.7, high=78, low=60

Sept. 30 Endocrine control of blood glucose
There will not be a quiz at the beginning of the endocrine lab period
here are the data

Oct. 7 Midterm exam Find answers here
Average=35.47, SD= 7.52, High=47, low=19.4, total possible=50
Midterm grade based on sum, A=208-226 (n=5), B+200-206 (n=6), B=190's (n=3), C+=high108's(n=1), C=182-185 (n=3)

Oct. 14 Interactive Physiology - Fluid and Electrolyte Answers here mean=75.88 (out of 79), Standard deviation = 2.97, high =79, low=70
Endocrine Lab Reports due
(out of 50) mean=41.5, sd=5.34, high=50, low=33
(lab report and Fluid lab worksheet will not be graded in time for midterm grade)


Oct. 21 Interactive Physiology - Cardiac Physiolgy - answers here, (out of 78) mean =74.17, sd=2.09, high=77, low=69
Cardiac Physiology - EKG
Quiz Pre-quiz on cardio, postquiz on Fluid & electrolyte, answers here, mean=5.75, s.d.=1.2, high=9, low=3.5

Oct 28 Interactive Physiology - Respirometry - answers here, mean=64.44 (out of 66), sd=0.86, high=65, low=63
Quiz Pre-quiz on respiration, postquiz on Cardio, answers here, mean=6.52, s.d.=1.48, high=9, low=4

Nov. 4 The diving response
diving home work (half lab report, out of 25), mean=21.61, SD=2.2, High=25, low=18
Diving data Fall 04

Nov. 11 Physiological optics <-The results of the experiment are shown here
Quiz Prequiz on optics, postquiz on diving, answers here, average=8.36, SD=2.38, high=10, low=2

Note: for next week, come prepared to give a sample (for urinanalysis) at the beginning of class

Nov. 18 Interactive Physiology - answers here, Out of 63, mean=62.61, SD=.53, high=63, low=61.5
Excretion, Kidney Lab
F04 data here
kidney home work due, average=91.11 (out of 100), SD=6.08, high=100, low=85


Dec. 2 Final Exam Covering Oct 14- Nov. 18 labs answers here, Average=33.8 (out of 45), SD=7.17, high=43.5, low=17

Grading, Interactive Physiology Worksheets=100 each (there are 6); Tests=200 each (there are 2, midterm and final); Quiz = 50 each and drop the lowest (thus 5 would count),
lab reports = 200 each (there is 1), half-lab-report-home-works = 100 (there are 2, diving and kidney). Total score possible = 1650. Average = 1382, SD= 107, high=1555, low=1171. For grading, scores were normalized upward to % of highest score, 93-100%=A (n=5), 89-91=B+ (n=4), 84-88=B (n=7), 75-77%=C+ (n=2), Curve=3.33.

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For the Spring, 2004 semester, here is the Assessment report
For the Fall, 2004 semester, here is the Assessment report

There is a hyperlink to the academic honesty policy of the College and the statement that we are required by the administration to include in the syllabus. All suspicious incidents are reported to the Dean's office.

If you have special needs, these must be documented with the disabilities office:
Adam Meyer, Office of Disabilties Services, 977-8885, Room 36, DuBourg Hall, 221 No. Grand.
Thanks,; confidentiality will be observed in all inquiries.
I ask you to see me in the first two weeks of class to be certain I know what accomodations to make.

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