Early years

There was a large amount of material to cover, but with work it was possible

Visuals were very helpful to understanding! Enthusiastic about the topic; quite interesting!

Material was good.

Overall interesting material and class!

Good course

I really enjoyed this class and would highly recommend it to others

Course was great; learned a lot; well connected and organized

Interesting material, enthusiasm good

Overall this was a great course. I really enjoyed the emphasis on lecture instead of the textbook

The instructor was very good. He knew what he was talking about and let us know when he didn't have an answer to our questions. But then found out and got back to us with that information. He was quite enthusiastic about this course

Very challenging, but I feel I learned a lot. Overall it was a good course

The material was interesting. He used the overheads well

The grading scale was very fair. The course focused on disorders with humans, which is what biomedical engineering students will be focusing on in the future

I enjoyed the songs that related to the lectures before class.

Stark was one of the best teachers I had this year. I really enjoyed coming to this class

Dr Stark is one of the most brilliant individuals I have been taught by in this department. His class was interesting and informative. If it weren't for the fact that I am a senior I would gladly sign up for another of his courses.

Very interesting class

I thought the book was great. The instructor was great. He is very comical and made the lecture interesting.

Awesome course! The only complaint I've heard from past years is people wish some topics were dedicated more to biomedical engineering but I can see he made awesome efforts to fix this.

I loved this course.

He was fun to have in class and had good experience stories.

Dr. Stark made physiology a very fun and interesting course. I actually looked forward to class because he was informative in an attention-keeping way

Dr Stark was an excellent and engaging teacher who went above and beyond my expectations for the course. Dr. Stark made human physiology engaging and fun to learn. Dr. Stark made great use of his web page by posting the outlines and the podcasts from each class. The outlines and the podcasts were very helpful for learning the material and for studying for tests

Dr Stark likes teaching

Excellent class and teaching

Dr Stark you are awesome

Fall 2009

Your tests are wonderful! Thank you for being a professor who actually has expectations for his students. The short-answer format requires that we take the subject seriously and put in our time (cf. multiple choice). This can only help us.

Very interesting class. Spent hours pouring over the book and outlines to study for the tests.

Fascinating test materials.

the level of detail taught and expected was much more than in earlier courses, but I think that is kind of expected in a course of this level

There was a lot of material but the knowledge I gained was massive

Dr. Stark, you did a wonderful job of tying in this physiology class to other classes that BME students take, such as physics. It was very interesting to learn about the cell membrane as being a capacitor and resistor.

lecture was awesome-----like having your brain tickled. I have enjoyed Dr. Stark's humor, refreshing vocabulary (no one uses such great words in typical speech!), and abundant hand waving gestures.

Thank you for this resource. (outlines)

Very useful, helped immensely when studying

they definitely helped in organizing for the exams

These helped me get a good understanding on what to study for each exam.
yes! that might have been one of the best study tools I had for this course. (test questions)

Podcasts were useful.

I utilized the podcasts a lot in preparing for the tests.

Well done, very unique style, wished all teachers done this

It was appreciated but I did not use them that often

Thank you for putting the podcasts online. They were very helpful

The many insights that you offered throughout the lectures (relating to your research, your life, or society in general) allowed us to better put course content in perspective.

I felt that the class was a comprehensive overview of everything in the textbook, and much of what I was curious about in physiology.

I think all the topics were covered very well.

e-mail Oct 8, 2012 from 2009 student

We just finished our Cell Biology and Metabolism units at SLUmed. You'll be happy to hear I successfully passed both. Interestingly enough, the Cell Biology course was very reminiscent of your own Human Physiology course, and frankly, out of all my undergraduate courses, your class was the one that's helped prepare me best for medical school thus far. We spent a good chunk of time learning about neurotransmitters as well as drugs and toxins that block neurotransmitter release. Luck for me, I'd seen it all before and remembered most of it.

Fall 2010

Material was covered very effectively throughout the semester.

There was a lot of information presented in the course at a very good pace. I learned a lot, and all of the information seemed relevant and applicabl

Probably one of the most interesting biology courses I have ever taken.
I learned a lot pertaining to my career goals as a BME, for
example, how all of the systems interact with each other.

Not only was material from the textbook presented, but there were also outside articles presented. All of this information seemed relevant to BME.

All of the appropriate topics were emphasized.

we covered a lot of material but it was all very relevant

Covered lots of information in lecture at the appropriate pace.

This was incredibly helpful because I could read the outline
as the teacher was talking instead of trying to write down every word
he said: a much more effective way of learning.

it really helped with studying try to suggest future students to get the online version of the textbook to correspond with the notes

Outlines from website were extremely helpful. I really liked how they were all posted at the beginning of the semester so that you could access any of the lectures at any time and prepare for class. The links to outside websites on the outline were also useful.

The test questions were very useful and helped a lot with studying.

this was my favorite part of the course i actually enjoyed doing them

It is often difficult to study for a test if you don't
understand the format. The test questions gave me a good understanding
of what to expect on test day.

PowerPoint slides were easy to view, and the figures presented were always helpful.

Probably the most helpful part of the lectures since it was impossible to write everything down while the lecture was going on.

I wish that I had discovered the value of the podcasts
earlier in the semester. Listening to them for the third exam really
helped me to absorb the information when I heard it for a second time.
You can also pause or rewind in case you didn't hear it clearly the
first time.

The PodCasts were extremely helpful. The PodCasts always helped when I was reviewing my notes from class and realized that I had missed something in my notes. It was so easy to open the PodCast and listen to the lecture to study.

These were useful for classes that I had to miss because of traveling!

this course helps me understand the body so i can find cures in the future to benefit mankind and cure the sick

I felt that the topics covered a sufficient amount of information.

There were not any syllabus additions or deletions I would make, everything seemed to be placed just right

All of the topics covered were excellent.

I think we cover an appropriate amount of information

e-mail (2013) from SLU med student who took course in 2010

Whenever the professors discuss vesicle release and neuronal signals, I always have to think back to your lectures to make sure I undeerstand everything. Fantastic.


I highly recommend this class and professor.

Dr. Stark is a wonderful man and it is nice to have a teacher who is so enthusiastic about his course material. I also enjoyed all the demonstrations with the ecg, beats, etc.

The professor was a great teacher.

Overall, Dr. Stark is a engaged, kind, and intelligent teacher.

Dr. Stark was really enthusiastic and knowledgeable about the material.


Great teacher and super helpful with many resources online

His teaching style really suits me!

Dr. Stark is an awesome professor. He's extremely knowledgeable and has a good way of presenting it in a way students can understand. He was extremely helpful both with class issues and other issues outside of class. He makes witty comments that lighten up the sometimes unvaried atmosphere of the darkened room.

Professor Stark's Physiology course was challenging but very interesting! He was a great teacher.

Dr. Stark is fantastic and this class is one of the most interesting and enjoyable that I have ever taken.
Professor Stark made his class an awesome experience for us all.


All of the systems that were supposed to be covered were covered extensively and in an easy to follow manner, much more so than the coverage from BIO 104/106.

We learned more than I could have imagined about human physiology and gained a fantastic appreciation for the complexity of the body.

My faith in God was actually strengthened by learning about how complex the body systems are and how perfectly everything fits together.

it was my favorite class. I have really enjoyed your class, as well as the extremely interesting subject matter!


This course taught me the value of studying and going over notes after each lecture.

It teaches you to study as you go, making you form beneficial and studious academic habits.

This course made me appreciate attending such a wonderful private Jesuit institution.

Dr. Stark is one of my favorite teachers at SLU. He is always very welcoming and encouraging. Thank you Dr. Stark, I have truly enjoyed this class this far!


I feel I have been able to learn an incredible amount of material from this course, especially material in detail that was new to me.

The course was precise and to the point.

I thought this class was done well. All materials needed in order for us students to learn was provided. More then enough sources were provided in order to allow student to fully learn what was expected of us.


I was amazed at how much more efficient this course was in plugging biology into our brains and wished gen bio 1 and 2 had a similar style to this.


Very knowledgable about the subject and had great enthusiasm for it.

Thank you Dr. Stark for a wonderful semester!

He communicated information on individual concepts clearly

Great guy! Enjoys the class. Keeps things real.

Nice man, very passionate about human physiology, can go off on tangents often, generous on exams

Dr. Stark was very interested in the subject.

Pleasure taking his class, hope he enjoys retirement

Dr. Stark was very kind and always willing to explain concepts again. He was repetitive which helped to solidify my understanding of the material. Sometimes the lectures were difficult to stay focused on since there was so much information, but he explained the material in a way that made it easy to understand.

Very interesting subject!

The instructor designed the class very well, where if you followed his notes and powerpoint slides you would be able to pass the exams.

The class period where we discussed the menstrual cycle and Dr. Stark drew diagrams and wrote on the board was by far the most memorable lecture and the information we learned that day stuck with me the most.

The short answer style questions ensured the student knew the material

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