I solicited "suggestions for next year" but decided not to press the request with reminders. And so I got only one reply "In regards to next year's course, I really liked how this year incorporated other faculty talks when students weren't presenting. I think it's great that the year starts off with talking about how to make a presentation and critiquing the faculty up for tenure as a warm up for the class that ensues."

Fall, 2017, the Biology Department requests the following for Assessment: "direct measures of student learning include artifacts such as written assignments, research papers/projects, lab reports, case studies, posters, powerpoint presentations, pre- and post-test measures of knowledge, embedded exam questions that relate to a specific learning outcome, and student portfolios."

As it turns out, students presented talks using power point, and the pdf's of the slides are posted (http://starklab.slu.edu/ResColloq/RCschedule2017.htm) as well as audio recordings (PodCasts). I am not sure how this can be used, but it is what was requested. I even have word documents of evaluations of every student's presentation (compiled from all the students in the class). These I sent privately to each presenter, so they are not public, but I can provide them as long as I have access to my files. Getting all or most of the students to write critiques was like pulling teeth ­p; I had to send out two or three reminders each week.


All students received an A

There were 20 students, 12 enrolled for 0 credits and 8 registered tor 1 credit. The 1 credit students were the ones to present, but all students were expected to submit evaluations on their classmates' presentations and the full professor promotion seminars.

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