BIOL 5800: Research Colloquium ­p; Fall 2016
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The course is designed to provide practice with oral communication of scientific findings for graduate students in the Department of Biology. The format involves the design and execution of an oral presentation on current research projects and students will be assessed by the instructor and classmates. Presentations will be open to all members of the department and feedback from members of the audience will be solicited.

Time & Location: Mondays, 1:10- 2:00 pm, Macelwane 334

Instructor: Bill Stark
Office and contact information: MW 111 (7-7151);
Office hrs. whenever I am there with open door or by appointment, see schedule
Learning Objectives
Students will be able to:
- prepare a research presentation
- deliver a research presentation
- judge the quality of research presentations
Assessment & Grades
For those enrolled for zero credit, attendance at all classes is mandatory.
For those enrolled for one credit, assignments and your presentation will serve as the basis for your grade. It is expected that you will also attend all talks.

1. Critique both departmental promotion seminars: Attend Miller (Aug 26) and Knouft (Sept 2) departmental talks and e-mail to me by Sept 7 ( brief evaluations, focussing on effective and ineffective aspects of the presentations. I will compile comments (anonymously) and distribute them to the class for discussion on Sept 12.
2. Design a talk on your research: Create power point presentation that should be vetted with your mentor a week in advance of the scheduled presentation. Students will then submit to me the PowerPoint and a .pdf of the PowerPoint by Wednesday ( before the Monday presentation..I will post the .pdf and link it to the schedule.
3. Presentation: Students will give a 20 minute talk to the class and other departmental members, followed by a question and answer period. I will make an audio recording and likk the PodCast to the schedule.
4. Participation: Students must attend class (just one excused absence) and participate in discussions. They are also to e-mail to the instructor on the Monday of the presentation short written evaluations of each presenter ( which will be compiled and provided anonymously to the presenter.

Grades will be consistent with previous years and appropriate for graduate sutudents (i.e. generous) provided students show up for class and submit critiques of talks (and, for 1 credit students, give a presentation). It should be noted that professors are required to post a grading scale on their syllabus.

Here is the obligatory link to the university statements concerning
Academic integrity
Sexual misconduct
Student success center
Disabilities accommodations

Biology's zero tolerance policy on cheating.

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