BIOL 5800: Research Colloquium Schedule- Fall, 2016
Course web site: here
Time & Location: Mondays, 1:10- 2:00 pm, Macelwane 334

**All faculty and students are invited on days of presentations

Date Presenter(s) Topic/Title

**22-Aug Bill Stark "Visual synapses in Drosophila" pdf of slides, PodCast (the tail end and the question and answer were cut off)

1. Who am I?, and what do I think about what makes for a good presentation
2. Group discussion of what makes a good presentation

5- Sep None Labor Day- No Colloquium

12-Sep Discussion of August 6 and September 2 Departmental Friday Seminars

1. Dowen Jocson (Kasey Fowler-Finn's lab) "Temperature influences sexual signalling and mate preferences in Enchenopa biontata treehoppers (Hemiptera: Membracidae)" pdf of slides, PodCast
2. Genevieve Hilliard (Laurie Shornick's lab) "The use of Manuka honey embedded dermal regeneration templates in normal and diabetic wound healing" pdf of slides, PodCast

1. Kara Andres (Jason Knouft's lab) "Geographic range size, environmental niche characteristics, and body size of freshwater fishes" pdf of slides, PodCast
2. Nell Fanter (Dan Warren's lab) "Acidosis and inorganic phosphate elevation increases turtle cardiac contractility" pdf of slides, PodCast

1. Amani Alharthi (Jack Kennell's lab) "Mitochondrial dysfunction impact nuclear genome stability" pdf of slides, PodCast
2. Terry Shoenberger (Kasey Fowler-Finn's lab) Familiarity reduces aggression, and alters mating patterns, in Leiobunum aldrichi" pdf of slides, The podcast recording did not work, sorry to say

1. Kevin Krause (Jason Knouft's lab) "Current and future species distribution modeling of stream-dwelling crayfish species using hydrologic, topographic, geologic and land cover data" pdf of slides, Podcast
2. Paige Muniz (Gerardo Camilo's lab) "A functional approach to understanding patterns of bee species distribution in an urban environment" pdf of slides, PodCast

17- Oct None Fall Break

1. Alison Robson (Zhenguo Lin's lab) "Massive duplication of ribosomal proteins and the evolution of aerobic fermentation" pdf of slides, PodCast
2. Bill Stark, "How to measure vision in Drosophila using electrophysiology" June, 1999 tutorial given for the Neurobiology of Drosophila course at Cold Spring Harbor, site, PodCast


1. Allison Miller "The Global Inventory Project: Bilding a botanical foundation for perennial polycultures" pdf of slides, PodCast
2. Bill Stark "Vision in the ultraviolet" pdf of slides, PodCast did not record

1. Justin Garrett (Rob Wood's lab) "Population structure of the riverine sturgeons (Scaphrhynchus sp.) from the Mississippi basin" pdf of slides, PodCast
2. Arthur Bartels (Wenyan Xiao's lab) "Epigenetic regulation of seed development in Arabidopsis thaliana" pdf of slides, PodCast

1. Bipul Setu (Susan Spencer's lab) "The role of CG10126 in tubulin binding at mitosis" pdf of slides, sorry, there is no podcast
2. Safiyah (Sofy) Alzahrani (Susan Spencer's lab) "Tthe role of CG31345 in regulating mitosis" pdf of slides, sorry, there is no podcast

1. Zhaolian Lu (Zhenguo Lin's lab) "5'UTR length variation on regulation of gene expression" there is no pdf or podcast
2. Sterling Herron (Allison Miller's lab) "Comparison of natural and artificial selection between annual and perennial legume congeners" pdf of slides, PodCast

1. Mark Mannino (Jon Fisher's lab) "Peroxidase activity of myoglobin"
2. Bill Stark "How to do Electron Microscopy (EM) to study the visual system of Drosophila" site.

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