BIOL 5800: Research Colloquium Schedule- Fall, 2017
Course web site: here
Time & Location: Mondays, 1:30- 2:20 pm, BEB 306

**All faculty and students are invited on days of presentations

Date Presenter(s) Topic/Title

**28-Aug Bill Stark "Research on vision: A biology professor's perspective" pdf of slides, PodCast

4- Sep None Labor Day- No Colloquium

1. Who am I?, and what do I think about what makes for a good presentation
2. Group discussion of what makes a good presentation. For this discussion, it might help if you peruse the Assessment Report for last year's course
Here is a list of ideas we came up with

18-Sep Discussion of September1 and 8 Departmental Seminars

Kasey Fowler-Finn (Biology, SLU) "Adaptation to a changing world" PodCast

Paul Bracher (Chemistry, SLU) "Why did Nature Choose Potassium?"

Michael Ariel (Pharm Phys SLU) "Illuminating the brain's Control of Eye Movements" pdf of slides, PodCast

1. Alan Moss (Bernhardt lab) "Pollinator Systems in the Himalayan Region of China" pdf of slides, PodCast,
2. Brittany Mersman (Xu lab) ""Neuronal Development: Influencing Factors and Mechanisms" pdf of slides, PodCast,

23-Oct None, Fall Break

1. Brigette Williams (Miller lab) "Investigation into the Genetic Basis of Leaf Shape Morphology in Grapes" pdf of slides, PodCast
2. Konner Brennan (Bray-Speth lab) "Discipline-based biology education research: An analysis of active learning classrooms" pdf of slides, PodCast

1. Zachary Harris (Miller lab), "Long Non-Coding RNA Identification in Grapevine" pdf of slides, PodCast
2. Kyle Pemberton (Xu lab) "The role of G-Protein Coupled Estrogen Receptor (GPER) in Early Neurite Development" pdf of slides, PodCast

** 13-Nov
Steve Blake (Biology SLU) "Hidden Giants, Hidden Crisis: Forest Elephants of the Congo Basin" pdf of slides, PodCast

1. Shannon Kelly (Fisher lab) "Trans-plasma membrane electron transport in muscle cells" pdf of slides, PodCast
2. Rachel Brant (Camilo lab) "The phenology of the social sweat bee, Halictus ligatus, in an urban environment" pdf of slides, PodCast

1. Shan Huang (Wang lab) Investigating the function and mechanism of Gpa2 phosphoylation" pdf of slides, PodCast

1. Alaina Baker-Nigh "Apolipoprotein E isoforms and Alzheimer's Disease Risk" pdf of slides, PodCast

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