This course really gives me the confidence to deliver my presentation to the public, and judge the quality of other presentation.

I thought this class was very helpful in allowing students to practice talking more about their research to a diverse audience. The more you can explain your research, the better you understand it. It was also really helpful to have critical/honest feedback from other students and I enjoyed hearing about all the research that is going on in the department.

The research colloquium course was a great environment that exposed us to the most current researches in the field which helped us to increase our knowledges. In this course, we were able to share researches with a friendly audience whose comments and questions assisted to build the presentations and research skills. Student offered guidance, and encouragement to each other.

Subsequently, all these things will give us the chance to serve others. What is more important is that this class taught us the core values of preparation and communication skills that will assist us in future career.

This course allowed students to broaden their knowledge about other areas of research and to practice talking about their research to a wide audience that is intelligent but also uninformed. This facilitated thinking about who the audience was (what they might know/not know) which is key in communication. Students were also able to share their ideas about what makes a good presentation/critically analyze presentations which enhances the overall quality of the research community in an environment that trains students to be leaders in research while also working within the boundaries of ethical scientific work.


Dr. Stark was great.

Dr. Stark did a great job teaching us characteristics of good research presentations

I appreciate the fact that Research Colloquium is required for graduate students, and I believe that it really does help the students with their communication skills.

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prepared 1/28/18