Neuro course 1974

"excellent coverage of material in class" "Dr. Stark is fun to listen to" "the topics were interesting and the course material useful" "tests were fair and grading proportions looked appropriate"

"very good" (lecture style and material).

"recommended it highly to Biology and Physiological Psychology majors or to anyone else who has a real interest in the material."

Neuro course 1975

"well organized"

"cares about students, material in course"

Neuro course 1977

"very clear in explaining many technical aspects of electrophysiology"

"topics are interesting"

"grading is quite fair"

"the humor was appreciated"

"I enjoy Dr. Stark's lectures very much, especially the pace of lecturing and clarification."

"thanks for the course, an enjoyable course"

"overall, a highly worthwhile course"

"pace is just right for a course like this. Concern for teaching evident"

Neuro course 1979

"Dr. Stark went out of his way to help" (out of class)

"I enjoyed the higher level"

(would recommend) "because it is easy to understand and is a very interesting course"

"he did an admirable job"

Neuro course 1980

"Overall, I am glad I took the course. I learned quite a lot."

"I found the course helpful and interesting"

"Dr. Stark's lectures were full of fun and informative little facts."

Neuro course 1993

The content covered by this course was interesting and provided a good background to neurobiology and cell signalling. Dr. Stark was always approachable and very willing to discuss and clarify material covered in class.

I thought the exam was very fair and a good representation of the material. I liked the idea of the open and closed section of the midterm. It allowed us on the open portion to apply what we had been taught in theory. Generally, we would just be shown the equations and be expected to understand them. The practice helps me understand (even when I get them wrong).

This course was very valuable to students of all different disciplines, A neurobiology course is essential for an "effective" Biology department, and I strongly encourage that this class be taught every year. Dr. Stark has excellent command of the knowledge in this field. Even though enrollment this maiden voyage semester was low, I feel when word gets around how valuable this course is, registering early will be a necessity. This course should be a premedicine requirement, and highly encouraged for graduate students.

Neuro course 1995

A whole lot of relevant information. Professor gives outlines in advance. Book figures used on test. There is a whole lot of info but not a lot of work day-to-day

This course is not easy but it provides a lot of useful informationalong with Dr Stark's brief discussions of science history. I was hesitant to take this course but am very glad I did!

Dr Stark's neurobio course offers a great foundation for anybody interested in the cellular bases of behavior. He prepares informative outlines for every lecture and expects you to do the reading. He doesn't spend lecture time spoonfeeding you facts, but instead chooses to explore the nuances and implications of the material

Dr Stark formats the course to take advantage of every learning style.He pre-prepares lecture notes so that everyone knows what he wants you to know. He makes the knowledge useful and relevant

This is a great class. It is informative. Lectures are fun and the class is informative

This is a very interesting topic and a growing field of research. This is a good course for anyone interested in research or medicine

Neuro course 1996

I especially liked how Dr. Stark posted the lecture outlines.

Excellent course, they should be able to get more students enroled because it is very informative, particularly to the medical student.

Neuro course 1998

This was not an easy course but it was interesting, well-taught and offered a lot of very relevant information (considering my major) [psychobiology]

This was a great course. I found it very informative & the text was excellent. I also enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere of the class.

Instructor - excellent, obviously knowledgeable in subject, good method use of software.

This is a very interesting topic and a growing field of research. It is a good course for anyone interested in research or medicine

Lectures are fun and the class is interesting

Dr. Stark formats the class to take advantage of every type of learning style. He pre-prepares lecture notes so that everyone knows what he wants them to know He makes the knowledge useful and relevant

Dr. Stark's Neurobio course offers a great foundation for anybody interested in the cellular bases of behavior. He prepares informative outlines for every lecture, and expects you to do the reading. He doesn't spend lecture time spoon-feeding you facts, but instead chooses to explore the nuances and implications of the material

Provides useful information along with Dr. Stark's brief discussions of some science history. I was hesitant to take this course but am very glad I did!

Book figures used on test. There is a whole lot of info, but not a lot of work day-to-day. Challenging tests.

Neuro 2000

The instructor has a vast amount of knowledge

I enjoyed the class and the professor. He is very knowledgeable in the area and his humor made the class more fun. There is a lot of information and the glass gives a good idea of what a grad course is like

I've never had an anatomy course, so it took me a while to get comfortable with where everything is. Thanks for taking the time to explain things when asked

I liked how the notes were put on the internet so that I didn't have to worry about taking notes in class. This was a challenging but rewarding class. I learned a lot

Received Sept 2001, student from 2000

Hi, Dr. Stark - I wanted to drop you a line and let you know I'm happily
attending WashU's med school (I got in off the waiting list in July and
decided to come here over Duke).

I was thinking about you & your Neuroscience class the past couple weeks
- we covered membrane potentials, ion conductances, action potentials,
voltage-gated sodium channels, etc., in the first two weeks of our
1st-year Physio class. Having taken your course, it was a breeze to
calculate Nernst potentials, Vm's, and relative conductances (I got a
98% on our quiz w/o really having to study), while my Ivy league
classmates were sweating over everything! So, I wanted to thank you
again for the great preparation...

Also, since I'm at WU med, I guess I'll have another leg up when we have
Neuro in the spring, being ~familiar with the online Neuro course
lecture notes (the ones you pointed us toward in class). So, if you get
any grief from any Pre-meds about your Neuroscience class, you can just
tell them that I said they'll thank you for it when they begin med

I hope everything is going well at SLU - talk to you later...

Neuro 2002

The objectives of the course were clear from the onset. The lectures were excellent and for some reason Dr. Stark's lectures became so clear. After the mid-term, a child could have understood what he was pointing to. The midterm was fair and graded promptly. And it was always comforting to know that Dr Stark was pleased to have an open door to talk with you.

The class was interesting. Dr. Stark did a great job keeping up to date with material and the web site. He is a great teacher.

The content of this course was inspiring for my future plans. And the dissection was a valuable experience.

Overall I learned a lot from this class

Dr. Stark showed interest in teaching this class and was versed in the relevant material

Neuro 2003

The course material was interesting and the instructor had a strong enthusiasm for the material

Neuro 2005

I would just like to thank you for being very insightful and
highly knowledgeable over the material we covered in Nerve
Cell this spring semester. I am quite confident that your
teaching and attention to deta

Very fair grading. Very good amount of material covered

I enjoyed the class for the most part

He is really a nice guy and knows the material well

I enjoyed the class overall. Dr Stark is helpful if you have any questions and I felt the class covered material adequate

Stark rulesStark contrasts

Neuro 2006

The material of the course was fascinating, and the book was very helpful

The course is good and the teacher was very well informed and enthusiastic

This instructor knows the subject material very well and it is obvious that he enjoys what he is doing

I enjoyed Dr. Stark's class very much. Overall, I would recommend the course

The teacher was great, knows his stuff and showed enthusiasm in class

Neuro 2007

Dr. Stark has obviously been teaching this course for a long time -- he definitely knew what he was talking about. I was greatly impressed by his enthusiasm for the subject, and I loved all of his personal stories from his experience working in this field for many years. I learned a lot of neuroscience that will be helpful to me in medial school. My favorite part of the course was the sheep brain dissection. I would recommend this course to anyone!

Dr. Stark demonstrated a clear enthusiasm for the course, and provided a stimulating lecture. The inclusion of the brain dissection in the course was very helpful in visualizing the anatomical aspects of the course. Dr. Stark was very knowledgeable and communicated very well with the students. It was clear that he cared for the students and wanted them to be exposed to a wide range of information including current events, links in his website to relevant information, and recent experiments and noble prize winners. The course was more organized than any other that I have taken at SLU. Overall it was a great course and I learned a lot. Thanks Dr. Stark.

I felt that the material was what it should be for this level course. I felt that overall the instructor was very good and had a suplus of knowledge in the area. It was taught well. I learned a LOT in this class.

Neuro 2008

This was an excellent course. At times it was a little confusing, but Dr. Stark did a good job of explaining things.

This course covered an extensive amount of material and Dr. Stark did a great job of presenting it in an organized manner. He posted his lectures online which was a great way to go back and study. He knows a great deal about what he is teaching and it is fascinating to listen to him.

I love this professor for having the patience and ability to use technology.

This was one of the best courses that I have taken. Dr. Stark shares his knowledge and stories with the students and we really come away from this class with a well-rounded background in Neuroscience

Interesting material Up-to-date-technology in class presentation

This course gave students a solid foundation in Neuroscience, regardless of their scholastic level or future plans.

As a future medical student I am sure that I will be well prepared for my upcoming neuro courses. The testing style actually requires one to study at a level that is deeper than multiple guess. As a result I think I have learned quite a bit and have retained it.

This course covers a tremendous amount of material. Having responable objectives, like those stated in the syllabus, help focus the students and guide their learning.

The tests are challenging, but they are graded fairly.

The amount of material is demanding, but appropriate for an upper level biology course.

I really liked the brain dissection. There is no better way, at least for me, to understand where all the structures are and their relation to one another.

The outlines on the web are essential for the course. They give a strong foundation for notes and are easily accessible.

You are a technical genious when compared to many other professors in the biodepartment. I like how you have worked your course, which is probably 20 years old, into technology. It takes a lot of effort, but I definitely see and appreciate your efforts.

The stories were good. they helped get the point across with respect to the information being learned.

Your class is fascinating, and I see your brilliance as a professor everytime I attend.

Neuro 2009

--I really liked this class

Neuro 2011

Dr. Stark is an excellent professor! He really cares about the subject and the students and does his
best to ensure student's gain a great foundation for neuroscience. He is always enthusiastic about
teaching. I also really enjoyed the sheep brain dissection because it allowed us to get a concrete
understanding of the material we were learning. Overall, I would highly recommend this class to
anyone interested in learning more about the brain from a biological standpoint. Great professor
and great course!

Solid course

Liked the fact that old tests were posted with review questions under each topic in the outline.

I really enjoyed this class. This was the class I was most anxious about at the beginning of the
semester but I realized that Dr. Stark wants his students to succeed and provides everything one
needs in order to learn. I loved the brain dissection and the follow up testing on the material even
though it was extremely challenging.

I enjoyed the class very much.

Dr. Stark is a good man. Approachable and kind. It's also clear he knows the material well.

I really enjoyed the variety of topics covered in this class. They were all interesting and relevant

The outlines helped keep me organized and on track.

The anecdotal stories that came along with the landmark papers were very insightful and fun. Brings perspective beyond the classroom.

It was cool to have the correlation of renowned researchers tied in to the course.

Neuro 2012

I really enjoyed your neuro class this semester. The topics were interesting and informative. Thank you for taking the time and effort to make such an interesting course and thanks for being such a concerned and helpful professor

I have learned more in this class than any other course at SLU. Thank you!

I think this course will do me very well in medical school, especially in neurology courses.
I will be going to medical school next year, and this course helped me to tackle a more challenging course with very specific details in an area that I knew little about before. 
A great comprehensive overview of neurophysiology; lots of detail, but not too much to be overwhelming
I think that the wide range of material this course covers, as well as the integration of the material, is preparing me well for the courses I will take in medical school and the vast amount of information I will need to learn.
The topics selected thoroughly represented the major/important areas of
I feel as though the course hit on interesting topics that were relevant to students planning to go on to medical school as well as though interested in furthering their study of the nervous system and how the body operates. 
while tests are challenging, the curve makes them very fair and reasonable, and the resources provided allow all students to potentially do well in the class
The expectations were set high, but the curves on the tests made the objectives reasonable.  Setting the bar high makes students want to work harder.
This course is challenging, yet it serves as a great foundation for future courses.
Although there were a lot of topics to cover, we got through them in a reasonable
time and covered them with an appropriate depth (not too general, not overly complex).
The course covers a variety of topics, all relevant and useful for my goal in attending medical school.

I really enjoyed the examples of disease as well as personal antidotes added to the technical information of the course. These additions made the material and lecture more interesting and personable. 
Although this course covers a lot of material, I truly believe I learn best when I am challenged to learn a large amount of information and integrate it with new information presented throughout the course.
Many different topics were covered that pertained to neuroscience, none too in depth.  Great for an intro neuroscience course
 The topics selected thoroughly represented the major/important areas of
 I like all the topics.
I really liked the textbook.  Easy to follow, yet detailed
I enjoyed reading the textbook and found it to be very approachable and easy to read.
Very well put together text.
Not too much textbook and not too little, the way it should be.
Lectures from class supplemented the textbook well

Textbook was aligned with the course.

Having the podcasts is extremely helpful for when you miss an important comment made in lecture.

I especially appreciated having access to the outlines, which at times, contained more information or more detail than the PDF's.

Having the pdf's was a huge help as they allowed me to follow along better during
the lectures as well as serve as my main focus when studying. Also, the PodCasts allowed me to
refer back to the lectures whenever I needed information repeated.

Without the PDFs and the Podcasts the course would be extremely difficult to study for.
 I used the website extensively. The podcasts were helpful when I didnt get all the information in class.
 Podcasts are helpful if the student is to miss class for some reason.

outlines and slides are extremely important and the previous tests are
absolutely key to success

The podcasts were extremely helpful in aiding my studying, allowing me to re-listen to parts of lecture I was unclear on or material I struggled with as test time approached. 

Having these questions available helped me test my understanding of each lecture right after I covered a topic.  Used these questions for every outline.
The old exams gave insight into what topics would be emphasized on the exams
Questions were very helpful in studying for exams! 
A great way to test whether or not I understood the material.  Also, a way to judge how much more studying I needed to do, and it was nice to know how you (the professor) wrote questions.
Previous test questions were extremely useful and helped me focus my studying.  They helped me think of various ways in which the information presented in class could be applied to new situations and helped me form answers to similar questions and think of new questions that could be asked.  I was nervous at the beginning of the semester about the tests being short answer rather than multiple choice tests, but these questions gave me a better idea of what to expect.
They are a good test of one's knowledge of the subject matter!
Huge help, absolutely critical for understanding what you (the professor) expect from us in terms of our understanding of material.
Old test questions helped me more than anything else. They allowed me to gauge
how in-depth my studying needed to be as well as help me quiz myself after covering each

I liked literature relevant to the present.  It was great learning about the new findings, especially with medical school right around the corner.
 The recent literature supplemented the rest of the lecture material

This course has by far taught me more about the human body than any other of my biology or psychology courses.  While one of my more challenging classes I have taken at SLU, every lecture is interesting and amazes me how complex the human body is.

This course encouraged scholarship, intellectual inquiry and communication.  This course did an excellent job impressing students with the relevance of research to the field. 

SLU's 5 dimensions were reflected in the neuro course because it allowed for the further advancement of knowledge while also encouraging intellectual inquiry through investigating current research and fostering an open environment for questions and comments about material.

I learned a lot in this course!

anyone who applies him/herself in this class will gain a great deal of insight into neurobiology and neuroanatomy. The material is interesting and there is a great deal of information does not simply repeat old psychology or biology courses (as tends to be the case all too often).

the class challenges and promotes the
increase of knowledge
From this course my knowledge of the field of neuroscience has
greatly improved.

Intellectual inquiry is definitely a pillar of this course - the material is complex and requires further investigation beyond the text for a fuller understanding.
showing the relevant
research (especially by past students) to the topics studied may
inspire students to get involved
This course required that the student question
topics presented at a higher level.

The course was very insightfu

The class has run smoothly and has
been very informative.

I think the course is great!


Dr. Stark has been by far the most helpful and inspiring professor I've had the pleasure of meeting with and working with in the Biology Department. I appreciate his dedication to his students and their learning, and I think his enthusiasm for the course is infectious. I would suggest that SLU do their best to hold onto him before he retires, because he truly takes care of the students in a way few professors can or do.

This was a great course! Very challenging but Dr. Stark provided many resources in order to excel.

Awesome teacher, extremely nice and helpful.

The class was great and the professor is a fantastic teacher.

Outstanding professor. Challenging course but nonetheless fair. Very approachable and he is always willing to spend time with students.


It seems I just clicked all excellent. That's because this course was indeed excellent, and I personally feel that I actually learned a lot from this class in a somewhat active manner, in contradiction to what I assume to be my normal, passive approach. I would highly recommend this course to anyone taking it in the future.

Dr. Stark is a great teacher and provides many useful resources!

love Dr. Stark- he is so knowledgeable, funny and approachable. really enjoyed this class

e-mail from Joel Geerling summer 2016, alum of neuro course 2000, MD-PhD from Wash U, now an Assistant Professor of Neurology, "I don't think a week goes by that I don't put into practice something related to what you taught us that semester!

thank you note (summer 2016) from Grace Milburn, class of 2016 "Thank you for being such a wonderful Neuroscience mentor for the past 4 years. I'm so grateful for your guidance and mentorship throughout my undergraduate career, and I always enjoyed reading your daily comic strip or receiving M&M's from your Dilbert machine. You've been a great teacher and advisor these 4 years, and I appreciate your constant support and guidance.


Dr. Stark is very intelligent and could communicate clearly

Dr. Stark clearly knows his stuff and his lectures are always very interesting. He is also very good at inviting interesting guest lecturers.

Dr. Stark is a great professor that engages the class by bringing in his own personal reflections and real world applications.

Dr. Stark was a great professor! He was open to questions and was very passionate about what he taught.


Professor Stark is an enthusiastic professor and I enjoyed that he brought in people he knew with certain afflictions for demonstrations and experience.

It was amazing to be in your class for my last semester at SLU, so thank you for making my time at SLU so memorable

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