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Class: Tuesday - Thursday, 2:15 - 3:30
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As a study guide, the 1996 Midterm, Midterm with answers, Final, and Final with answers are posted
Also, for 1998, Midterm exam & Midterm with answers and Final exam & Answers are posted
For 2000, Dr. Stark only taught the first half with a different schedule, Midterm and answers posted

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Reading assignments: Current and classic papers will be made available in the office. There will be numerous references to Alberts et al., Molecular Biology of the Cell (Third edition), New York, Garland Publishing, Inc., 1994 (and so it would be useful to own this book) [on reserve in Pius].

The grade will be based on a midterm exam and a final exam
Also students will give a presentation

A cumulative outline is assembled here. By copying and pasting into your word processor, "find" can be used as an index to locate selected coverage

Tentative Syllabus
Day/Date Topic Assignment
(detailed readings accompany the lectures)

Tu. Jan. 15 The membrane in signalling (Review) Alberts especially Chap. 10
Th. Jan. 17 General signalling mechanisms Selections Alberts especially Chap. 15
Tu. Jan. 22 Library techniques
Signalling in the nervous system - Electrophysiology & bioelectric potentials
Th. Jan. 24 Ions, Na+-K+ATPase, Nerve cell, Alberts 181-184, Chap. 11
Tu. Jan. 29 Nernst equation, Resting & action potentials Reserve Materials
Signalling in the nervous system - Channels
Th. Jan. 31 Channels, history, molecular, mechanoreceptors, C. elegans, Reserve materials
Tu. Feb. 5 Water, cystic fibrosis, Drosophila, Long QT syndrome, Reserve Materials
Th. Feb. 7 Paramecia, Chloride channels
Signalling in the nervous system - Synapses & transmitters
Tu. Feb. 12 Ligand-gated transmitter channels Reserve Materials
Th. Feb. 14 Vesicle release, neurotransmitters, Alberts Chaps.11 & 13
G-protein signalling
Tu. Feb. 19 G-protein coupled receptor signalling, nitric oxide Alberts et al. Chap. 15, Reserve Materials
Sensory transduction in prokaryotic & eukaryotic microbes
Th. Feb. 21 Chemoreception in eukaryotes, Chemoreception in prokaryotes Alberts pp. 773-778, Reserve Materials
Sensory transduction
Tu. Feb. 26 Introduction
Th. Feb. 28 Vertebrate visual transduction Reserve Materials
Tu. Mar. 5 Midterm exam
Find the Midterm exam and the answers here
Th. Mar. 7 Retinitis pigmentosa and macular degeneration Reserve Materials
Tu. Mar. 19 Invertebrate visual transduction, Chemical senses , Reserve Materials
Developmental signalling
Th. Mar. 21 Development in Drosophila eye Reserve Materials
Tu. Mar. 26 Hedgehog, Notch, JAK/STAT signalling, Reserve Materials
Th.. Mar. 28 Retinoic acid and steroid hormones Reserve Materials
Tu. Apr. 2 Beth Burgwyn - wnt
Th. Apr. 4 Jill Smith - NO
Tu. Apr. 9 Growth factors, Reserve Materials
Th. Apr. 11 Apoptosis Reserve Materials, Alberts, pp 1076, 1173-1175 & 1237-1238
Tu. Apr. 16 Abnormal signalling in cancer Alberts Chap. 24, Reserve Materials
Th. Apr. 18 Chris Perez - cancer
Tu. Apr. 23 Mike Correale - prostaglandin
Th. Apr. 25 Qi Zhou - cornea
Tu. Apr. 30 Signalling in plants Reserve Materials
Th. May 2 "

Tuesday, May 7, 2-3:50 - Final exam
Find the Final exam and the answers here

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